Coronado Personal Solar Telescope - VIDEO

The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope or PST was an innovation at it's introduction.  A small, self-contained h-alpha telescope that didn't break the bank.  Perfect for outreach and travel the PST is a 1 angstrom 40mm dedicated h-alpha solar telescope that will bring out the incredible detail of the Sun's surface.   This small but mighty telescope is also available in a double stacked 0.5 angstrom version that will further refine surface details and bring out solar flares as well.

An h-alpha filter produces a false color image of the Sun in a brilliant orange-yellow color that we typically associate as being the Sun's 'color'.   H-alpha filters and telescopes are an eye-opening and thrilling way to observe, image or video our nearest star and an up-close way of watching live solar events like the upcoming 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  


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