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Celestron - CPC 1100 GPS XLT 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain Computerized Telescope - 11075 -XLT


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Manufactured by: Celestron


CELESTRON • GPS 11" SCT Computerized Telescope • 11075-XLT


General Features:

  • Convenient remote hand control holder - Allows you to view information hands-free while using the scope
  • Star diagonal provides more comfortable viewing position when observing objects that are high in the sky
  • Celestron's premium StarBright XLT coatings
  • 11" diffraction limited Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • Fully computerized dual fork arm Altazimuth mount
  • 8x50 finderscope to help accurately find objects
  • Newly designed heavy-duty tripod makes attaching the telescope so easy you can do it in the dark; also features sturdy 2" steel legs and accessory tray
  • Ergonomic design - Comfortably lift and move the telescope from location to location

Currently, the Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope Model #11075 offers the largest aperture in the CPC GPS Series. Apart from having the largest aperture, this Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope also has the most powerful light gathering power plus a limiting magnitude of nearly 15. Its vast database includes countless of Abell and NGC galaxies as well as detailed information and views of all your favorite celestial bodies. This 11” diffraction Limited Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope is also equipped with premium StarBright XLT coatings for superior imaging and crisp photos. This is similar to the Celestron CPC Deluxe 1100 HD Telescope, but is more oriented for beginner astronomers. Despite the incredibly large 11” aperture of the Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope Model #11075, it remains ultra portable thanks to its light weight frame and body. The smart physical design of the Celestron CPC 1100 makes it portable enough to set up anywhere – whether in your backyard or some remote place with favorable skies.

This telescope is perfect for all your astronomical imaging needs whether for visual observation or for use with optional wedge and CCD cameras. For professional astrophotographers, the superior optic system of this visual instrument is certainly a gem. It can give you amazing images, complete with exquisite details. Take a detailed photo of the surface of Jupiter or the fine divisions of Saturn’s rings or even a high resolution image of the red planets’ rugged terrain. Under favorable sky conditions, you can even see distant planets such as Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Like any of the other Premium CGE Series and Advanced Series of telescope from Celestron, the CPC Series are also meticulously made from hand-figured and matched optical systems. Furthermore, CPS telescopes are equipped with StarBright XLT High Performance Optical Coatings and are diffraction limited. For astro fans who just do not want to waste their time setting up the telescope, the CPC Series is equipped with a GPS receiver that automatically downloads information regarding the telescope’s position from orbiting satellites. You don't need to input your exact location on Earth as well as the time and date. After the GPS is fully set, you can readily use it to observe any planet, star, nebula or galaxy that you want. Furthermore, Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope Model #11075 features SkyAlign technology which automatically sets up the system and prepares for Go-To computerized functions. You simply have to point the scope towards three bright celestial objects then it will determine all the stars, planets and other deep space objects in the horizon. You do not need to identify the name of the stars or the celestial object. This Computerized Telescope has a powerful operating system that can actually determine what celestial object you are currently viewing. You can even use the GoTo function to tour the different celestial objects in the horizon. The remote hand control gives you direct access to the countless celestial objects that are included in the user-friendly database. For better controls, you can easily download updated software – including the latest All-Star polar alignment – for the upgradeable hand control. The database of this Computerized Telescope is one of the most comprehensive that anyone can access. It is comprised of over 40,000 celestial objects that include the Caldwell Catalog and Messier Objects, as well as planets, nebulae and NGC-defined celestial bodies. Since it has a very expansive index, you may find a hard time searching for your favorite stars or planets. This is where Filter Limits are beneficial. Using this advanced feature, you can easily navigate through the database by filtering out all celestial bodies that are not accessible in your current view. For daytime observation, you can use the Solar Sys Align function which lets you align the Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope Model #11075 on the sun or moon. This is particularly beneficial if you are tracking planets or bright stars in daytime.

A powerful telescope such as the Celestron #11075 deserves an equally efficient mount. The dual fork arm altazimuth mount is a perfect match. Like the Celestron telescope, the mount is computerized and ensures easy maneuverability. Its re-engineered drive base and drive mechanism provides a quick release clutch, quiet operation and large drive gears. Furthermore, setting up the telescope in the heavy-duty tripod is actually very easy – you can do it in the dark. It also comes with an accessory tray and sturdy 2” stainless steel legs. The overall design of this telescope has been thoroughly thought out with ergonomics in mind. You can comfortably lift and change locations plus the star diagonal makes viewing more comfortable, especially for celestial objects that are high in the horizon. Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope Model #11075 is a great buy for serious astronomers as well as for starters who want to take on astronomy as their new hobby. Professional astronomers and astrophotgraphers say that the appreciation of the different wonders of the night sky starts with large aperture telescopes – this 11" Diffraction Limited Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope definitely proves it!









Product Series

Celestron's new CPC Series with revolutionary SkyAlign Alignment Technology re-defines everything that amateur astronomers are looking for — quick and simple alignment, GPS, unsurpassed optical quality, ease of set-up and use, ergonomics, enhanced computerization, and most important, affordability.

Remote-controlled imaging telescope will play a key role in NASA’s SERVIR mission to further environmental research. 

International Space Station (January 18, 2013) – The astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) just got that much closer to Earth with their latest crew member: a Celestron CPC 925. After arriving at the ISS in July 2012 onboard the Japanese HTV-3, the telescope—the latest component of ISERV (ISS SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System)—officially joined Expedition 34 and NASA’s SERVIR mission on Wednesday, January 16.

Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield enthusiastically announced the installation of ISERV on his Twitter account: “Taking the telescope out of the box—like weightless Christmas!” Accompanying the tweets was a photo of the telescope floating next to Col. Hadfield’s beaming visage.

Celestron's 9.25” diffraction limited Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is positioned within the Destiny module’s Earth-facing window. While remotely controlled from the planet’s surface, ISERV will monitor and assess environmental disasters, climate change, rainforest destruction, and air quality in various locations around the globe. It will also aid in short-term weather prediction.

“Images captured from ISERV on the ISS could provide valuable information back here on Earth,” explained Dan Irwin, SERVIR program director at Marshall Space Flight Center. “We hope it will provide new data and information from space related to natural disasters, environmental crises, and the increased effects of climate variability on human populations."

“ISERV will help advance Earth science research. We are all very excited and proud to see Celestron’s telescope assisting NASA’s quest for knowledge,” explained Corey Lee, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Celestron.

To view the latest images taken by ISERV, follow Celestron on Facebook and Twitter. Please visit Celestron.com andNASA.gov/mission_pages/servir/index.html for more information.

Additional Information

Name Celestron - CPC 1100 GPS XLT 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain Computerized Telescope - 11075 -XLT
Manufacturer Celestron
Model CEL-11075-XLT
Manufacturer Part No CEL-11075-XLT
Telescope Aperture 10.1" - 12"
Accessory Tray Leg Brace / Eyepiece holder
Alignment Procedures SkyAlign, Auto Two-Star Alignment, Two-star Align, SolarSystem Align, EQ North Align, EQ South Align, One-Star Align
Angular Field of View 0.6°
Aperture 280 mm (11.02 in)
Bearings 9.8 azimuth bearing
Computer Hand Control Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons
Database 40,000+ objects, 100 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects
Eyepiece 1 40 mm (1.57 in)
Finderscope 8x50 Finderscope with quick release bracket
Focal Length 2800 mm (110.24 in)
Focal Ratio 10
GPS Internal 16 channel
Mount Dual Fork Arm
Optical Tube Aluminum
Power Supply Car battery adapter
Resolution (Dawes) 0.41 arcsec
Resolution (Rayleigh) 0.5 arcsec
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 3.75 in (95.25 mm)
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area 11.6 %
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter 34 %
Star Diagonal 1.25
Tracking Modes Altazimuth, EQ North and EQ South
Tracking Rates Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Tripod Heavy Duty Steel Adjustable