Celestron - CGX Equatorial (EQ) Mount - 91530

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  • The Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount is a revolution in EQ mount design.

  • Weighing just 44 pounds with a modest estimated instrument capacity of 55 pounds, upgraded spring loaded brass worm gears on both axes, AllStar alignment procedure, optical stop sensors, through mount wiring and available home position - this mount was built to outperform.

  • Versatile mount is easy to transport thanks to two carry handles and has a dual saddle plate to accept both V and D series dovetails.

  • Includes incredible full-featured control software for remote mount control.

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Product Description

Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount

The Celestron CGX equatorial mount is the next evolution of EQ mounts. Designed for the future of astro-imaging and the high standards of today's hobbyists, the CGX mount features a sleek industrial design, smart engineering and improved electronics for a mount that rivals mounts costing two to three time as much.

Celestron CGX Mount Features: 

  • Spring loaded brass worm gears and stainless steel worm wheels on both axes for precise movement and control and lasting performance.
  • Ability to track 20 degrees past meridian. 
  • All Star alignment, choose bright night sky objects and the mount will guide you through a quick and simple alignment process for accurate tracking and pointing.  
  • Upgraded motors for higher torque.
  • Belt driven motors for liquid smooth movement and reduced vibration
  • USB ready hand controller
  • 2 Aux. ports. 
  • Wide latitude range of 3-65 degrees. 
  • Optical head sensors and built in hard stop, you'll never strike your tripod leg. 
  • Through mount wiring. 
  • Includes advanced control software, designed in partnership with PlaneWave. 
  • Compact and trimmed down head design, weighs just 44 pounds but carries 55 easily. 
  • Integrated carrying handles make it exceptionally easy to hold and move. 
  • Built in bubble level. 
  • Locking power adapter for a secure connection.
  • Captive hex wrench. 
  • Height marked legs for easy setup. 

A Lightweight Head Design with A High Load Capacity

Trimming down the body while increasing the load capacity allows the CGX to carry an instrument weight of 55 pounds, which Celestron states is a modest estimate of the mount's ultimate abilities. The mount itself weighs just 44 pounds and with the newly designed built-in carrying handles, it is remarkably easy to transport. Two, simple to assemble pieces, travel well making the CGX a great choice for the astronomer that plans to travel to a dark sky spot. The mount head attaches to the tripod top plate with hex bolts and a handy hex wrench is stored in the lower handle of the mount. Why not tool free? Because a hex wrench gives the right torque to properly attach the mount head to the tripod with a firm connection.  The mount includes a dual saddle plate that will hold either V or D dovetails. 

Auto Alignment - More Time Imaging and Less Time Prepping

Simple, yet crucial design improvements have made the CGX mount exceptionally easy to setup and polar align.  Celestron's AllStar polar alignment procedure was specially designed for the remote user and will allow you to align the mount quickly and accurately using any bright night sky objects.  Paired with a video polar alignment scope (available as an optional accessory), you will be able to polar align your CGX mount no matter where you're controlling it from. 

Outstanding Tracking Accuracy

The Celestron CGX includes two worm gears for both mount axes rather than traditional gears that have a tendency to catch and bind.  Slight catching eventually puts strain on the motors and can cause increase error over time.  Celestron's worm gears turn belt-driven motors so not only is accuracy improved and maintained, the mount's movements are exceptionally fluid and smooth with minimal vibration caused by the turning of the mount head.  

Smart On-Board Electronics and Design Features

Celestron's goal was to create an intelligent mount without complicating the user's experience. Borrowing from earlier Celestron technologies and improving upon them, the CGX features a wide array of alignment procedures including AllStar alignment. Simply find a series of bright night sky objects with your smartphone and the mount will polar align itself. The CGX will be the only Celestron mount to include all new software designed in partnership with PlaneWave, allowing you to seamlessly pair to your camera control software and completely remote control your entire setup through a wireless connection. Similar software sells for several hundred dollars.

Tracking accuracy and slewing speed have been greatly improved with precision worm gears on both axes of the CGX. Built in optical sensors, prevent the mount from striking the legs of the tripod and allow the mount to return to a home position in the event of an electrical surge or if you were to ever lose control of the mount from a remote location. An additional hard stop has been built-in as an additional fail-safe.

Celestron USB Hand Controller

While you can control the mount entirely from your wirelessly connected device such as a smartphone or laptop, a USB connected hand controller is included with the Celestron CGX mount, leaving behind the aging technology of RS232 connections. When connected, this is the only cord that will be on the exterior of your mount. All other wiring is run through the mount to eliminate any tangles, cord-wrapping and create a streamlined mount exterior maintaining the sleek industrial design that makes the CGX as beautiful as it is powerful.

In September 2016 we were invited to Celestron for a sneak peak of the CGX mount. 



Name Celestron - CGX Equatorial (EQ) Mount - 91530
Manufacturer Celestron
UPC 050234915304
Model CEL-91530
In The Box Celestron CGX Mount Head Adjustable Tripod with Height Marked Legs USB Hand Control & Cable Universal Control Software Drivers
Alignment Procedures AllStar
Backlash Compensation Yes
Computer Interface USB
Warranty 2 Year


Review and collect 50 points.
Review by:
My friends think i work for Celstron. Having the AVX, the CGEMII, and also the CGX mount, I can say you get what you pay for at each level. This mount is in my observatory and with it's heavier capacity it works great for everything we have put on it. It does great with the 11" SCT and the 6" refractor. It has great handles for moving around if you need to, but i think at this weight it works better as a mount that is not moved that much. I love that the counter weight for all Celestron mounts this size and smaller can use the same counter weights. It make them interchangeable and help you put the weight where you need it. I really like how Celestron made the polar alignment adjustments so much nicer on this mount. You don;t need to loosen it from the mount itself. Once I used that to polar align i wish they would have included that feature on all their mounts. I run it with the new CPWI software and connect right to the mount without using the hand controller. This gives a solid feel to the control of the telescope and it great for use in a permanent observatory. (Posted on 11/10/2019)
Review by:
I started with the CGEMII but when i found an 11" Edge I upgraded to this mount. You can see a big difference between the two mounts, and while they are both great, this mount has the extra features that make it a better mount than the other mounts. Tracking is great and weight capacity is good. Not a mount to be moving around a lot with, but for permanent use it is great. (Posted on 7/27/2019)
Review by:
This mount has as many features as others costing three times as much. Holds my C11 nice and solid! (Posted on 2/8/2017)
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In the Box

Celestron CGX Mount Head
Adjustable Tripod with Height Marked Legs
USB Hand Control & Cable
Universal Control Software Drivers