• Celestron RASA White Paper Specs

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    Celestron RASA White Paper Specs

  • Optec HSFW Downloads

    HSFW ControlHSFW ASCOM Driver Setup v2.0.9
    (release date: 2016/09/01)
    Any CPU installer for High Speed Filter Wheel ASCOM driver, version v2.0.8. Installation program for ASCOM drivers for controlling the HSFW on any Windows platform.

    Requires ASCOM Platform 6 or higher, .NET platform 4.0.
    Supports HSFW Firmware v1.0.0 and above.
    Software copyright 2016 - Optec, Inc.



    HSFW Control Setup v2.0.9
    (release date: 2016/09/01)
    Any CPU installer for High Speed Filter Wheel controller program, version v2.0.8. Installation program and drivers for controlling the HSFW on any Windows platform.

    Requires .NET platform 4.0.
    Supports HSFW Firmware v1.0.0 and above.
    Software copyright 2016 - Optec, Inc.



    HSFW Custom Driver Tools v2.0.9
    (release date: 2016/09/01)
    Any CPU installer for custom driver tools setup. Includes Excel spreadsheet application, JavaScript, and VBScript example files, and Help Files.

    Requires .NET platform 4.0.
    Supports HSFW Firmware v1.0.0 and above.
    Software copyright 2016 - Optec, Inc.



    Contents of readme.txt file:

    No folders, files, or shortcuts will be added to the Start Menu.
    Refer to the Help Files\USB_FilterWheel_DLL.chm for API description.
    Contact for additional information.

    2016/03/02 Reviewed with no changes.
    2013/10/05 Minor updates.
    2010/10/12 Initial release.

  • ZWO Warranty

    Warranty and Return Policy

    ZWO will provide 2-year warranty for their products, they will offer the repair service for free within warranty period. After the warranty period, they will continue to provide repair support and service on a charged basis. They do not provide any replacement unless ZWO confirmed the product is DOA (Dead On Arrival).

    This warranty does not apply to damage that occurred as a result of abuse or misuse, or caused by a fall or any other transportation failures after purchase.

    Customer must pay for shipping when shipping the camera back for repair or replacement. If they confirm you can get a replacement, goods must be returned with all accessories, instructions, etc and must be suitably packed.

    If you get a faulty camera, please contact ZWO as soon as possible though email: Please describe the problem in detail and they will do their best to help you solve the problem. Most instances perceived problems are simply bad driver install or software configuration.

    For customers who bought the camera from a dealer, dealer is responsible for the customer service for you.

  • Starlight Instruments Fit Chart


    TPO RC Telescopes OTA Thread Focuser Adapter
    6/8" RC M90x1 FTF2015BCR A20-271 OR
      FTF2015BCR-RP A20-3003-1 OR
      FTF1515BCR/FTF1515BCR-DS A15-1503-2
    10/12/14/16" RC M117x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-40 OR
    FTF3215B-A A32-3203-40


    Celestron SCT
    Feather Touch Microfocuser
    Telescope Model Telescope Size   Focuser
    Evolution and SE 6" FTM-C6 Evolution
    Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 8" FTM-CPC8
    Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 9.25" FTM-CPC9.25
    Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 11" FTM-CPC11
    Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 14" FTM-C14HD
    Telescopes with the 3 triangulated pattern will need the CPC version of the Feather Touch Microfocuser
    C8 with smooth or ribbed back 8" FTM-C8
    C9.25 with smooth or ribbed back 9.25 FTM-C9.25
    C11 with smooth or ribbed back 11" CTM-C11
    C14 with smooth or ribbed back 14" FTM-C14


    Telescope Model OTA Thread  Focuser Adapter
    ES80 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshield M89x1 FTF2535HD A25-2003-23
    ES80 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield  M87x.75 FTF2535HD A25-2003-24
    ES102 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshield M102x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903ES102
    ES102 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield  M99x.75 FTF3035B-A A30-1903ES102A
    ES102/ES115 Carbon Fiber   4.6" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES102CF OR
    FTF3235B-A A32-3203-ES102CF
    ES127 Carbon Fiber w/o sliding dewshield 4.732" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES127
    ES127/140 Carbon Fiber w/sliding dewshield  5.58" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES127A
    ES127 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshield M130x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES130
    ES127 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield M126x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES130A OR
      FTF3235B-A A32-3203-ES130A
    ES152/165 Carbon Fiber 6.825" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES152 OR
      FTF3235B-A A32-3203-ES152


    LS50T FTF1575BCR or FTF1575BCR-DS A15-1503-1
    LS60T FTF2015BCR A20-399
    LS80T FTF2025BCR A20-399
    LS100T FTF2015BCR A20-399
    LS130T FTF2025BCR A20-399
    LS152T FTF2025BCR A20-399


    Equinox 66 M73x1 FTF2025BCR A20-731
    80/100/120 ED and Evostar Refractors Non threaded 3.804" FTF2025BCR A20-292 OR
    FTF2015BCR-RP A20-3003-8 OR
    FTF3035B-A A30-1903-104
    Esprit 80 M109x1.5 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-28
    Espirit 100 M128x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-102
    Esprit 120/150 M147x1.5 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-103 OR
    FTF3545B-A A35-503-103
    SkyWatcher Newtonians Non Threaded FTF2025BCR A20-240 or A20-241
    SkyWatcher Equinox Refractors M84x1 FTF2535HD A25-2003-20


    CN212/Mewlon 180, 210, 250 M71x1 FTF2008BCR A20-261 OR
    CN212/Mewlon 180, 210, 250 M71x1 FTF2015BCR A20-291
    Mewlon 300 and 250CRS M72x1 FTF2025BCR A20-300
    FS60 &FC76 M77.5x1 FTF2025BCR A20-302
    FS78/FC100/FSQ85 M95x1 FTF2025BCR A20-304
    FSQ85 M95x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-85
    FS78/FC100 M95x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-85
    TSA120 M125x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-31
    FCT150/FS128 M145X1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-145 OR
    FCT150/FS128 M145X1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-145
    FSQ106N M114x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-4 OR
    FSQ106N M114x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-FSQ106
    TOA130/FS152 M155x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-TOA130 OR
    TOA130/FS152 M155x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-TOA130
    TOA150 M179x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-TOA150
    FSQ106ED M133x1 FTF3515-FSQ106ED A35-503-FSQ106ED
    Epsilon 130-160 MPA-TAK2.7-E130/E160 Feather Touch pinion assembly
    Epsilon 180 MPA-TAK2.7-E180 Feather Touch pinion assembly


    All Tele Vue Telescopes sold since 2012 come standard with a Feather Touch pinion assembly.  The Feather Touch  pinion assembly for Tele Vue does not look like a standard Feather Touch because as we machine the knobs to Tele Vue's specifications but all the inner workings are the same exact parts that comes with a 2" Feather Touch Crayford focuser.

    Below is the information if you want to upgrade your telescope with a Feather Touch pinion assembly.

    Telescope                Feather Touch Pinion
    Tele Vue non (is) with black draw tube MPA-TELBb
    Tele Vue non (is) with chrome draw tube MPA-TEL0Bb
    Tele Vue (is) PIN-24FT


    Below is the information if you want to upgrade your Tele Vue Telescope with a complete Feather Touch focuser

    Telescope Model   Focuser   Adapter
    Tele Vue non (is) FTF2025BCR A20-227
    Tele Vue Pronto FTF2025BCR A20-227
    Tele Vue (is) FTF2025BCR A20-228 OR
    FTF3025B-A A30-1903-26
    Tele Vue Renaissance FTF2025BCR A20-C8071
  • Instruction Links for ExploraDome

    Building ExploraDome

    Software Install Steps Version 6

    Installing the Shutter Door Pin

    Explora Dome Deluxe 8’ Round Building Assembly Instructions

    10 X 10 Aluminum Building W Dome

    10 X 10 Aluminum Roof Support Assembly

    10 X 10 Wood Bld Assembly Instructions Revision 1 2018

    10'6 Round Bld Assembly

    Brush Seal installation

    Door Lock Assembly

    12 X 12 Square Building 9 16 2016

    EDII 11 6 Round Building Assembly Version 5

    EDII Dome Assembly Version 4

  • iOptron CEM40 Manual

    Click here for manual.

    Click here for quick start guide.


  • Fastar Compatible Celestron Telescopes

    The Fastar system in combination with the Starizona Hyperstar dramatically increases traditional Schmidt Cassegrain and EdgeHD optical tubes' speed, turning f/10 instruments into f/2 or better.  The Fastar system provides greatly reduced exposure times for astrophotographers, increasing the ability to use larger imaging sensors, and eliminating the need for secondary wide-field telescopes.

    Celestron optical tubes will have a Fastar logo on the secondary mirror cover, indicating that the mirror can be removed and replaced with a Fastar lens or Starizona Hyperstar.

  • Canon CarePak Promo

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  • QHY Warranty

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  • Navigating the August 2018 Sky!

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