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  • PrimaLuceLab Introduction

  • First Look - Meade LX85 EQ Mount

    June 1st, 2018 Meade Instruments announces a new line of portable, flexible and affordable equatorial mounts, the LX85.  Capable of carrying 33 pounds, this smart mount includes Meade Audiostar with Astronomer Inside technology, exceptionally stable and reliable gears and is compatible with the Meade Zero Image Shift focuser.  Check out this quick first look video and stay tuned for more!

  • Losmandy Announces Major Release of New Mount Systems

    Losmandy has announced an new mount system based on their long-standing and well loved GM8, G11 and Titan mounts.   With the addition of a simple adapter, you can now split your existing Losmandy mount and attach to new, alternate bases without having to buy an entirely new mount.   In other words, if you have a GM8 and have been wanting to upgrade to a G11, you add an RA extension adapter and a G11 base increasing your mount's weight capacity to 50 pounds.   Have a G11 and want to upgrade? Add the RA Extension and the Titan base and you have a mount with a 75 pound capacity for a fraction of the price of a new Titan mount.

    There are great major possibilities and potential versatility with a modular equatorial mount system.   For astronomers with multiple fixed viewing or imaging locations that you travel to, you could have two bases and a single mount head rather than two complete mounts.  You could keep a larger fixed system at home and travel with a lighter setup when you're out in the field.  By splitting the mount in two it becomes more portable and easier to handle as well.   Losmandy has updated the mount design by tucking motors away making the mount bodies more streamlined and compact than before.    The new mount systems are also available in pre-configured sets under the new models, GM811G and G11GT.

    As of this posting mounts, Losmandy is expected to start shipping in about 4 weeks and the RA Extension for the GM8 is due out soon as well.  We are accepting preorders now for these mounts and upgrades.



  • Coronado SolarMax II 60mm H-Alpha Telescope - VIDEO

    Coronado's SolarMax II line is an advanced series of h-alpha telescopes designed for the serious  solar astronomer or hobbyists in search of high definition detailed views of the Sun.   Easy to use, these complete telescopes are compact and easy to travel with.  The 60mm SolarMax II comes in a variety of models with various blocking filters depending on your needs.  Shooting video or images? Go with the 30mm blocking filter which will let through the maximum amount of safe sunlight.   Do you wear your sunglasses at night? Go with the 5mm blocking filter which will let though the least amount of light, perfect for prolonged observing without tiring your eyes.

    Checkout our latest video with Dr.D on these solar telescopes and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for new content weekly!

  • Coronado Personal Solar Telescope - VIDEO

    The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope or PST was an innovation at it's introduction.  A small, self-contained h-alpha telescope that didn't break the bank.  Perfect for outreach and travel the PST is a 1 angstrom 40mm dedicated h-alpha solar telescope that will bring out the incredible detail of the Sun's surface.   This small but mighty telescope is also available in a double stacked 0.5 angstrom version that will further refine surface details and bring out solar flares as well.

    An h-alpha filter produces a false color image of the Sun in a brilliant orange-yellow color that we typically associate as being the Sun's 'color'.   H-alpha filters and telescopes are an eye-opening and thrilling way to observe, image or video our nearest star and an up-close way of watching live solar events like the upcoming 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  


  • Meade ETX Observer Series - VIDEO


    The Meade ETX series of telescopes are a portable, fully computerized telescope, mounted on a smart Alt-Azimuth mount and built to travel easily.   Ranging from a backpack sized ETX80 with an 80mm refractor to the ETX125 which sports a 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope there is an ETX to fit a range of budgets and needs.   The ETX Observer series includes Meade's AudioStar which is an immersive audio experience packed with information on over 30,000 night sky objects.    Check out this video from Meade to learn more about the Meade ETX series of telescopes.


  • Explore Scientific Toy Table - VIDEO

    Daniel Mounsey, aka Dr. D takes you on a full tour of Explore Scientific's product line.  From eyepieces, finders, telescopes and mounts Explore Scientific makes a product for every astronomer.

  • Introducing Explore Scientific Losmandy G11 PMC8 EQ Mount

    Introducing the Explore Scientific Losmandy G11 PMC8 EQ Mount

    Greg Bragg of Explore Scientific dropped by Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes last week to show off their new mount, created in collaboration with Losmandy. We decided to film him giving our sales people a rundown on what makes the PMC8 mount great.

    The Explore Scientific / Losmandy G11 PMC8 is a new take on the long time favorite of astrophotographers for many years, the Losmandy G11 GoTo equatorial mount.  This collaboration includes upgraded electronics and motors and probably the easiest to use, coolest looking tablet based controller we've ever seen.   Their control software is completely open source and ready to play with your existing softwares and systems.  The program has a gorgeous, image rich interface that offers extensive knowledge on objects but is easy enough for someone with little to no experience to use.

    We are expecting to see first shipments of this mount come through in early 2017 and are accepting preorders now.  Place your preorder today to reserve one of the first shipments.

    Check out the full length video.

    Forgive our rumpled background.  This was a spur of the moment shoot!

  • TeleVue Panoptic Eyepieces - Video

    TeleVue's Panoptic eyepieces are an enduring favorite of the visual astronomy community.  Beautiful edge to edge clarity, rich color and contrast.

    Check out our selection.  

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