• Free Virtual Event! April 3-5, 2020 Christopher Go, Adam Block, Tim Russ, Richard Wright & More!

    Join us April 3rd, 4th and 5th! FREE lecture series with Tim Russ, Christopher Go, Adam Block and Richard Wright!

    Free online lecture series starts Friday April 3rd through Sunday April 5th.

    We will be joined by Christopher Go, Adam Block and Richard Wright and Tim Russ.  This event will be LIVE on the Woodland Hills Youtube channel starting at 12:30pm on Friday.  This is your chance to get in-depth, valuable information on astrophotography ranging from planetary imaging to deep sky imaging with processing tips and product recommendations.  Staff and speakers will be here to answer your questions and the store will be open all weekend online to help you find what you need.  Learn, perfect and expand on your hobbies!


    See the full schedule below.  All times noted are PST.

    Friday April 3rd:

    12:30pm PST - Daniel Mounsey talks Takahashi.  Ask Daniel all of your Takahashi related questions as he talks about his favorites from the Takahashi lineup.

    2pm PST - Adam Block The Universe at 9000ft: Art and Science of an Astrograph With a focus on the Takahashi Epsilon 180 located on Mount Lemmon, Adam will be discussing sky characteristics and light pollution and how they affect astronomy and imaging for all astronomers along with his work in astrophotography and the basics of creating a color image.

    4pm PST - Christopher Go: Planetary Imaging Essentials Part 1. Christopher will be discussing the basics of planetary imaging, his product recommendations and processing basics.


    Saturday April 4th:

    2pm PST - Christopher Go: Planetary Imaging Essentials Part 2.  Today's focus is a live imaging session of Mars and Jupiter from Christopher's Cebu, Philippines location.  Get in-depth information during this session on how Christopher captures and prepares for processing.


    Sunday April 5th:

    12:30pm PST - Simon Tang talks Starlight Xpress. Simon will be covering the ins and outs of Starlight Xpress' most popular cameras and accessories and will be answering your questions, live.

    1pm PST - Tim Russ!  We're excited to have Tim with us on Sunday.  Mr. Russ has been working as an actor, director and musician for the past thirty-five years.

    2pm PST - Richard Wright: Canon R and Canon Ra Comparison. Richard will be discussing digital astrophotography specifically with the mirrorless Canon R series of cameras and how images compare between the Canon R and Canon Ra.

    4pm PST - Christopher Go: Planetary Imaging Essentials Part 3.  The final part of this live planetary imaging lecture, watch and Christopher processes his Mars and Jupiter images in real time.  Get detailed information on how he processes and ask questions along the way to make the most of your planetary images!


    About Christopher Go

    Christopher is an avid astronomer and astrophotographer, who has been capturing images of planets since 2003.  Starting with the simple but effective ToUcam webcam to the advanced but affordable QHYCCD planetary imaging cameras available today, Christopher kept pace with the changing landscape of digital astrophotography as new and better cameras were released.   Christopher has given talks around the world and has inspired astronomers of all skill levels.

    About Tim Russ

    Tim's career in the performing arts has spanned more than three decades as a composer, director, actor and performer. His time on the screen including extensive involvement in the Star Trek franchise memorably as Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager and providing voice over for Star Trek games as well.  Tim's acting credits include: Live Free or Die Hard, The People Next Door, Star Trek Voyager, Samantha Who?, and iCarly.  Tim received an Emmy for his work as a director on public service ads for the Los Angeles FBI Field Office on intellectual property theft and cyber bullying.

    About Adam Block

    Adam Block

    Currently an astronomy researcher at the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory in Tucson, Arizona Adam Block has had a life-long love for astronomy and has helped to expand astronomy as a hobby throughout the Southwest through education and research.  At a time when methods were untested in digital astrophotography, Adam has developed now tried and true methods for processing to share with fellow astronomers through his tutorials and lectures.

    About Richard Wright

    Richard Wright

    Richard Wright is a software developer by trade and an avid astronomer and astrophotographer at heart.   His training led him to Software Bisque where he currently develops software to run observatories and telescopes worldwide along with camera plug-ins and other device interfaces to streamline astrophotography.    Richard is also a frequent contributor to astronomy publications like Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Technology Today, and Amateur Astronomy Magazine and has given numerous talks on astrophotography, Software Bisque's products, and his software.

    This event is free to attend!  Simply subscribe to our Youtube channel to be notified of live feeds, or pop in to our page at the times noted above.


  • Nisi Filters Seascape Photography Workshop with Chris Ewen Crosby


    NiSi Filters and Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes presents an in-depth photography workshop with photographer Chris Ewen Crosby.  Known for his vividly stunning seaside landscape photography, Chris will take you through the introductory ins and outs of capturing and processing for incredible seascapes of your own.  Two hours of lecture will be followed with a live workshop at the beach.   Photographers of all skill levels are welcome!   Weather, tides and light angles along with tips on camera settings and exposure along with equipment recommendations will be covered to help you better capture the dynamic landscape at the beach.


    Sunday, March 15th 2020

    Lecture 2:00 - 4:00pm

    Photographing Time 5:30 - 7:30pm


    The lecture portion will be held at Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes which is located at 5348 Topanga Canyon Woodland Hills, CA 93164.  The photography session will be held at Topanga State Beach.

    Price: $65

    Please note that the fee for this workshop does not include equipment. Please bring your own camera and lenses.   You are also encouraged to bring your own filters but Chris will also have a set of NiSi filters on hand to experiment with.

  • Warren Keller Fall 2018 Workshop

    California here we come! Warren Keller and Ron Brecher are teaming up to present a 3-day workshop, September 28-30, 2018 at Astro-Hutech in Lake Forest, California. This is a convenient commute for many imagers, whether from home or SNA and LAX airports. Register today!

    The cost for three full days of PI instruction is $595.00 USD. Registration is now open and is limited to about 20 attendees. Take your PI skills to the next level, working in an intimate setting with personal attention from two experts. Follow the link below for a detailed agenda, accommodation information, and to register. Consider that with the Advanced Imaging Conference (AIC) back in 2019, we'll not be able to repeat this class next year!

    Things our students said

    “… 5 stars. You guys are exceptional.”
    Richard Payne
    “I LOVED the hands-on approach.”
    Prof. Samantha Blair
    “I liked the fact that you covered so many topics and included many tips and shortcuts.”
    Greg Piepol
    "Instructors were very personable, entertained questions, and were available for hands-on help and pointers.”
    Bob Taylor

    This Introductory-Level course will focus on the following objectives:

    • Get you comfortable in the PixInsight working environment
    • Demonstrate a simple workflow to produce a good-looking image from raw data
    • Reveal intermediate techniques for further improving your images
    • Build your skills by processing your own data, with individual coaching from the instructors

    While the course is aimed at those nearer the beginning of their PixInsight journey, astrophotographers of all skill levels will learn new tips and tricks for successful deep-sky astro-image processing.

    Day 1 focuses on learning the user interface and processing environment, and takes a simple data set through a complete processing workflow.

    On Days 2 and 3, we'll dig deeper, mining more complex tools and techniques to enhance your workflow. The workshop includes three 'Process Your Own Data' sessions where the instructors will provide targeted coaching and advice based on individual interests and needs. These are great opportunities for the more advanced processor to get what they need from Warren and Ron.

    Follow the link below for a detailed agenda, accommodation information, and to register. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you!

    Register Now

  • Party Under the Stars

    Click here to check out this blog post!

  • Join LAAS at the Boeing Santa Susana Field Lab Star Party- Sept. 15th!

    Join the Los Angeles Astronomical Society on September 15th at the Boeing Santa Susana Field Lab.  This is a rare opportunity to star party at this site, and with very few lights in the surrounding 2600 acre facility, it is sure to be an enjoyable night under the stars.

    We need 72 hours advance notice for equipment set up. If you are interested in bringing your equipment, please let us know by filling in this contact form, let us know what equipment you plan to bring and we'll be in touch with more details.

    Contact Us


  • Navigating the August 2018 Sky!

    Check out the sky wheel link below!



  • Join us at Starlight Festival - Yerkes Observatory

    Starlight Festival 2018

    Yerkes Observatory - Williams Bay, WI

    Memorial Day Weekend

    This year's Starlight Festival will be held at the historic Yerkes Observatory, Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th.  This is a FREE event, open to the public.  Bringing together a community of scientists, writers, outreach volunteers and proponents of science and astronomy education with the leading retailers and manufacturers of telescopes, cameras, microscopes and science tools and toys this Festival is all about the importance of science in our every day lives, and continued advancements in education.   This year the event celebrates the 150th birthday of George Ellery Hale designer of the massive 40" refractor at Yerkes.  This beautiful observatory located in the stunning Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin was founded in 1897 and has been operated by the University of Chicago.  The college's funding for Yerkes may be at an end this year however and this could be a final chance to see the observatory up close.   In-depth tours of Yerkes, housing the world's largest refractor telescope, will be available during the festival.

    Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes is sponsoring featured speaker Dr. Linda Spilker, JPL Project Scientist for Cassini, at this year's Starlight Festival.   Launch in October 1997, Cassini spent two decades travelling through our solar system studying the fascianting planet of Saturn and in that time revealed only a small portion of all we had to learn.  That mission ended when the Cassini probe collided with Saturn in September 2017, sending invaluable data to NASA scientists about the ringed planet in it's final weeks.   Now that the mission has concluded, JPL and NASA scientists have processed the immense amount of data gathered uncovering previously unknown information.   Dr. Spilker will be discussing the incredible findings that the millions of gigabytes of data collected has revealed to us about Saturn, our solar system and the ongoing search for life beyond Earth.

    Other speakers at this year's festival include Dr. Seth Shostak and his search for extraterrestrial life, Samual D. Hale on the legacy of his grandfather the late George Ellery Hale who designed and oversaw the building of some of our nation's largest telescopes including the massive 40 inch refractor at Yerkes, discussions of astronomy outreach with Kosovo's Pranvera Hyseni, MIT Physics graduate and author Marcia Bartusiak on the history and breakthroughs of astronomy and physics, Astronomy Magazine editor David Eicher on the importance of science literacy, and a live feed from Mt. Wilson Observatory with telescope operator Thomas Meneghini.

    The Starlight Festival is an event to highlight science, robotics and astronomy literacy, education and research.  This begins with our youth and showing them that science can be a fun and fascinating hobby or profession.  STEM activities and hands on projects will be there for kids of all ages to join in on.  Joining speakers at this year's show is Physicist Jerry Zimmerman, also known as Mr. Freeze, who will be demonstrating the "super cool" properties of Cyrogenics!   His entertaining and amazing show is fun for the entire family.    Science touches so many aspects of our lives including the Arts.   The festival welcomes space artist Carlos Hernandez and live music.

  • Avalon and PrimaLuceLab Products on display at AIC


  • September Star Party at Oak Canyon - September 23, 2017

    September's star party is this weekend! If you would like to join in and bring your own equipment, please plan to arrive well before dark between 6:30 and 8:30. The star party runs from 8:30 to 10:30 this month, is free and open to the public. Bring your family and friends for a night under the stars!

  • Seminar with Warren Keller at GMARS

    Join us at Riverside Astronomical Society's Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station.  Saturday, September 23rd 2017, Warren Keller will be with us for an in-depth seminar on the popular PixInsight software. More details on the day's schedule will be released soon.

    The fee for Saturday is $50 and includes:

    • A day with Warren Keller for a full education on PixInsight.  The day starts at 10am.
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Access to FREE camping under the beautifully dark skies at Goat Mountain from Friday to Sunday.


    Space at this venue is extremely limited.  Register early!    Lunch and dinner provided courtesy of Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes for registered attendees.  More details including directions to GMARS will be provided to those who register.


    Warren's easy to digest tutorial format has helped thousands of astronomers perfect their image capture and processing achieve new heights.  Check out all of Warren's video tutorials here.

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