Astro Photos

  • NexDome Setup by Frank Parks in San Diego

    Here is my NexDome in San Diego being prepared for the FSQ-106 imaging system.  The 8-foot NexDome was quite easy to assemble and is well made for a very affordable dome.  My next project is to cut down some more trees and start narrowband imaging.  Thanks for the great service.
    — Frank

  • Images taken with Comet Hunter and ASI1600MM-Cooled Camera

    These images where taken using the Comet Hunter. The camera is an ZWO ASI1600mm-Cool.

  • Photos taken by Alex Roberts with Explore Scientific FCD100 127ED Refractor

    Photos taken by Alex Roberts with FCD100 127ED Telescope.

  • 2017 Totality of Eclipse by Bryan Cogdell

    Here is one of the images I captured during totality on Monday. As the Moon moved eastward it revealed more prominences with amazing detail - I could actually see this through binoculars! And the magnetic interaction on the corona was astounding. This particular shot was taken with an older (Japanese made) Vixen 114ED f/5.3 refractor and Canon 70D.

  • Bubble Nebula by Bob Finnigan

    Tim Stone And Bob Finnigan

    This is Tim’s rendering 10 ten min Ha, 11 OIII and 18 SII  all at bin2 take with the 17 inch PlaneWave and the Apogee 16u camera at -30c Paramont ME Mount  and a Moag with a SBIG STi. guider 

    Oct 31,2012 thru Nov 4, 2012



    Sep 20. 2017 by Tim with the 20 inch and the AO

  • Eclipse Images by Dennis Beatty

    "I shot about 400 images that morning and I am so pleased with
    them. This was my first attempt doing anything like this. I used a Canon
    5D camera with a 10 inch Meade LX-200. I live in southern Oregon and we had
    about 94% totality. I love the sunspots in the third image."

    Dennis Beatty

  • Calcium K Image of Sun by Mike Taormina

    HI Farah,

    I just submitted a positive review to your website for the Lunt Calcium-K B1800 blocker diagonal I purchased from you last week. I had a chance to image with yesterday and was able to capture a very nice Calcium-K image.


  • Sun Image taken by Harvey Brubacker

    This weekend was a bust for any imaging, but I did find some lost solar

    images from two weekends ago.

    Here's my favorite from the bunch.

    Inverted image, color tinted gold.

    Taken with a Lunt solar 60mm pressure tuned scope, double stacked with 50mm

    Camera was the Canon 60Da, ISO 100 at 1/40 sec.


    Harvey Brubacker


  • NGC 7635 by Geoffrey Graham

    Scope: Astro-Tech 12" RC Astrograph with AP.75 focal reducer plus Moonlight Nightcrawler Focuser-Rotator.

    Mount: Orion HDX 110

    Imaging Camera: SBIG STF CCD 8300 Mono

    Guide Camera SBIG STi

    Image Capture MaximDL

    Filter: Baader Ha 7nm

    Subs: 1800" X 60 -20c

    Total Time 30 Hrs for the Ha

    Dark Frames: 50X1800"

    Bies Frames: x100

    Ha Flat Frames: X100

    Processed in PixInsight.


    Best Regards and Clear Skies



    NGC 7635

  • Sun through Marumi and Baader

    The whiter one is Marumi and the darker one is Baader.

    Shot with 100 to 400 L IS lens from Canon

    _MG_3290 _MG_3289

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