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  • TELESCOPES.NET Live Stream on YouTube Nov 7th

    Our next live stream session will be featuring a new astronomy group known as STELA, an group of like minded women who are into Astrophotography.

    Members who will be participating will give their views and thoughts, as well as tips and tricks.

    We will also have tutorials for everyone to enjoy and watch.

    12:00pm PRESHOW
    1:00pm Astro Amy - Setting up image train + Tips and Tricks (on going during event)
    1:30pm Blackrock Castle Astronomy - Running an Observatory
    2.30pm Stella.Astro - Who am I and who is STELA.

    Live stream starts at 1PM PT on Saturday Nov 7th 2020

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  • Dr. D Podcast

    Dr. D interviews Greg Bragg of Celestron about the StarSense Explorer Telescopes! Click here to listen to this podcast!


    Live stream starts at 12PM PT on Saturday Oct 24th 2020

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    The Live stream will be Oct 24th and starts at 12:00pm PST

    We will be featuring Adam Block with his talk on "Interpretation of Astronomical Images"

    Michael from Starlight Xpress gives us the low down on what makes a good guide camera including a new product announcement.

    While on the subject on new products, Scott Roberts will be show casing a new popup observatory.


  • TELESCOPES.NET LIVE STREAM - Oct 10 - Visual Astronomy

    Live stream starts at 12PM PT on Saturday Oct 10th 2020

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    We will also be broadcasting live alongside the Explore Alliance Network to create an all day event that will span the entire globe!

    This live stream focuses on Visual Astronomy and what to expect as well as outreach.

    Our very own resident telescope expert, Daniel Mounsey aka Doctor D, will be joining us with a run down on all things visual.

    Jon Isaac will be doing an open discussion on eyepieces and star hoping, a method used widely by many to find different objects in the skies.

    Plus we also have Kevin from Focus Astronomy with Outreach and how it has changed for todays environment. Kevin has long since been at the forefront of outreach and has made changes in his process to service the community and continue to wave the flag for outreach astronomy.



  • Solar Extravaganza Pt.2 - LIVE September 26th 

    LIVE STREAM September 26th - 12PM PT

    To celebrate the new Solar Cycle (25) we decided to go all out on another live stream dedicated to Solar Astronomy!

    Returning is Claude Plymate from the Big Bear Solar Observatory with one of his presentation. Also joining us from the United Kingdom, is Gary Palmer with a break down on processing and various other techniques. Last but not least will be the team from Daystar Filters with a talk on seeing the sun in different bands.

    The event will start at 12PM PT

    More information to follow shortly


  • CCD vs CMOS - The Big Debate

    Sept 12 2020
    Starts 12:00pm PT

    Join us in this interactive debate on CCD vs CMOS with Richard Wright followed by SBIG with various product offerings on both CCD & CMOS cameras.

    This will be a highly interactive audience participation so we expect to have a lot of questions, comments and heat arguments! After all, who's side are you on?

    3rd guest to be announced later.

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  • Focusing on Astronomy - LIVE on YouTube

    Saturday Aug 29 2020
    Starts 12:00pm PST

    Join us for an other live session as we dive into your astronomy equipment and what you might be missing.

    Chuck from Chucks Astrophotography will be kicking things off with how to best use your equipment.

    Wayne from Starlight Instruments explains why your focuser may not be as good as it claims.

    Finally Greg Marshall from Wa-Chur-Ed observatory will be explaining cable management and why its so important.

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    Chuck's Astrophotography

    A retired IT and Internet advertising professional who has always loved the stars, Chuck Ayoub is an avid astrophotographer who shoots incredible deep-sky images from his backyard in Detroit, Michigan. Using his astrophotography rigs and his arsenal of narrowband filters and processing techniques, Chuck collects the ancient light cutting through the city of Detroit's light pollution of nebulae and galaxies that leave us inspired to look up and explore, proving that you can be a highly productive astrophotographer from almost anywhere.

    Followed by thousands of his fans on social media with his popular program "Chuck's Astrophotography" on YouTube"

    Wayne Schroeder

    I and the Operations Manager for Starlight Instruments and have been with Starlight since 2009.   Previously I worked in the auto industry for over 21 years.  People ask why I got into astronomy and my answer is because of the people.  I have got to know a lot of fascinating people with my time at Starlight Instruments.  I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level whether they are an astronaut or a truck driver, it does not matter to me as everybody has a special story about them.  NEAF is my most favorite event as I get to meet up to 1000 people in a 2 day period.  At Starlight Instruments we strive for perfection as my motto is:  our parts work the 1st time and every time.  Knowing that 1 of our focusers was up on the International Space Station and that I got to test it before it was shipped was very special.   I take great pride in knowing the quality of the Feather Touch focusers and Howie Glatter laser collimators meet/exceed our customers’ expectations is what I strive for!

    Greg Marshall

    Greg is an engineer with over 40 years experience in designing digital electronics, specializing in image capture and processing.  Since retiring from Xerox in 2010 he has been developing products specifically for astronomy and astrophotography.  He began doing astrophotography in 2005 and now spends whatever free time he has capturing and processing deep-space photos, primarily using narrowband filters.  He is a member of the Rose City Astronomers (RCA) in Portland, OR, and leads RCA's astro-imaging special interest group.  His current astro gear includes a Paramount MyT, William Optics FLT-132, and ASI1600MM with Astrodon filters.


  • YouTube Live talk with Emil Kraaikamp - REPLAY

  • LIVE Stream Aug 8th - Stacking plus CCD vs CMOS

    Join us on Saturday August 8th 2020 at 11:00am for a live stream on YouTube.

    11:00am PT Emil Kraaikamp
    01:00pm PT Adam Block
    05:00pm PT Christopher Go
    The live stream will be split into a later day since Christopher Go is pretty much on the other side of the world to us. We will fill in the time between with various tutorials so the live stream does not stop!
    Confused with times? Check out: to convert to different timezones!

    You dont want to miss out on this as we dive into AutoStakkert with Emil Kraaikamp, the maker of the famous stacking program that we all love!

    Adam Block will be joining us for our Live Stream even and will talk about CCD vs CMOS, specifically in terms of calibration files using PixInsight.

    Later on the day, Christopher Go will be joining us with his talk on Work Flow.

    Due to work commitments, Richard Wright is currently unable to present. Stay tune for an update.

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