• NexDome Setup by Frank Parks in San Diego

    Here is my NexDome in San Diego being prepared for the FSQ-106 imaging system.  The 8-foot NexDome was quite easy to assemble and is well made for a very affordable dome.  My next project is to cut down some more trees and start narrowband imaging.  Thanks for the great service.
    — Frank

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Astrophotography By Leroy Goering


  • Images taken with Comet Hunter and ASI1600MM-Cooled Camera

    These images where taken using the Comet Hunter. The camera is an ZWO ASI1600mm-Cool.

  • Avalon and PrimaLuceLab Products on display at AIC


  • Photos taken by Alex Roberts with Explore Scientific FCD100 127ED Refractor

    Photos taken by Alex Roberts with FCD100 127ED Telescope.

  • 2017 Totality of Eclipse by Bryan Cogdell

    Here is one of the images I captured during totality on Monday. As the Moon moved eastward it revealed more prominences with amazing detail - I could actually see this through binoculars! And the magnetic interaction on the corona was astounding. This particular shot was taken with an older (Japanese made) Vixen 114ED f/5.3 refractor and Canon 70D.

  • Bubble Nebula by Bob Finnigan

    Tim Stone And Bob Finnigan

    This is Tim’s rendering 10 ten min Ha, 11 OIII and 18 SII  all at bin2 take with the 17 inch PlaneWave and the Apogee 16u camera at -30c Paramont ME Mount  and a Moag with a SBIG STi. guider 

    Oct 31,2012 thru Nov 4, 2012



    Sep 20. 2017 by Tim with the 20 inch and the AO

  • Eclipse Images by Dennis Beatty

    "I shot about 400 images that morning and I am so pleased with
    them. This was my first attempt doing anything like this. I used a Canon
    5D camera with a 10 inch Meade LX-200. I live in southern Oregon and we had
    about 94% totality. I love the sunspots in the third image."

    Dennis Beatty

  • September Star Party at Oak Canyon - September 23, 2017

    September's star party is this weekend! If you would like to join in and bring your own equipment, please plan to arrive well before dark between 6:30 and 8:30. The star party runs from 8:30 to 10:30 this month, is free and open to the public. Bring your family and friends for a night under the stars!

  • Nexdome Weathers the Storm in Ship Shape

    We recently received a message from John Baker, the owner of a Nexdome residing in the Houston, Texas area which was recently battered by Hurricane Harvey.   The backyard observatory proved its strength and durability as it came out of the category 4 hurricane, unscathed. Knowing his proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the likelihood of being hit with a tropical storm at some point, John did make a few small additions with brackets and tie-downs for additional insurance.  While the dome was slammed with high winds and rain it not only weathered the storm but no repair or adjustment after.  All Nexdomes are tested to withstand high wind and rains but a hurricane can test even the most durable of structures to their limits.  Thanks for sharing John and we are so happy to know that you and your equipment are safe!

    Read on to see what John says about his experience:

    Hi Farah, 

    I am more than pleased to tell you that the NexDome I recently purchased from Woodland Hills Telescope survived Hurricane Harvey's landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast. Peak wind gusts of 90+ mph were recorded as the storm passed over my Bay Home which is 12 miles from Port Lavaca, Texas. Things were "very rough" as you could tell from the Weather Channel's on site coverage at Port Lavaca during the height of the storm.  As my Bay Home is constructed to hurricane standards I decided to provide the same for the NexDome.  The NexDome is sitting on a 4 inch concrete slab and secured using concrete screws on each of the provided wall section's "L" brackets.  As an added feature, I installed hold down brackets on opposite sides of the dome using a similar bracket arrangement with concrete screws.  I attached a " D.O.T"  brand two inch wide "back off tie down" positioned directly over the dome's shutter to secure the both the shutter and dome.  The dome is fully functional and ready for some more great viewing down here on the Texas Gulf Coast.  By the way, I have a Mewlon 250 and IOptron Mount.  With that setup, there is enough room in the dome for two adults!!  Thanks for all of your help and liaison with NexDome regarding technical info:)

    Best Regards

    John Baker

    Houston, Texas

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