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TeleVue - 2x BIG Barlow


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Manufactured by: TeleVue

TeleVue - 2x BIG Barlow


TeleVue 2" Big Barlow 

The Tele Vue Big Barlow 2" Barlow lens is a great way to expend your eyepiece collection by effectively doubling their magnification.  1.25" adapter is included so you can use all of your TeleVue eyepieces and, better yet, the Big Barlow is parfocal to all Tele Vue eyepieces.    By doubling the magnification of each eyepiece, your telescope's f ratio is also effectively made longer and by 'slowing down' the telescope, eyepiece sharpness is increased.    The Big Barlow's excellent optical quality  and fully multi-coated lenses will also further improve an eyepiece's performance by correcting small aberrations that naturally occur.    Eye relief can also retained which is great news for eyeglass wearers and others who enjoy a longer eye relief. 

Particularly well suited to use with a Newtonian telescope, At 4.5" long it is not recommended that you pair the Big Barlow with a standard 2" diagonal as the length prevents it from being parfocal. This is .  Brass compression rings keep your eyepieces snugly in place.  

5 Year Warranty! 

Product Series

Properly designed Barlows do wonderful things: They amplify power, slow the telescope's f/# (improving eyepiece sharpness), and give designers the opportunity to compensate for eyepiece aberrations. Tele Vue Barlows use multi-coated high index glasses for optimum aberration correction, exceptional contrast with virtually no light loss. Observed performance is aberration free, even when tested with f/4 scopes. They even improve our competitor's eyepieces and telescopes!

For astro-imagers, the above chart indicates the magnification for each Barlow (2x, 2x Big & 3x) as a function of distance from the Barlow top surface to the imaging surface (CCD or film). 1.25" Barlows Offered in 2x and 3x magnifications, these 1.25" Barlows perform identically. Simply choose either or both based on your eyepiece collection. Features include parfocal-ization, 1.25" filter threads, captive lock screws that won't fall out and full multicoatings. 2" Big Barlow Offered in a 2x magnification, the Big Barlow is ideal for Newtonian scope owners. It will be parfocal with both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces in this application. Features include threads for 48mm filters, captive lock screw and full multi-coatings.

Additional Information

Name TeleVue - 2x BIG Barlow
Manufacturer TeleVue
Model BWC-2211
Manufacturer Part No BWC-2211
Barlow Lens 2x