Orion - GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit

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Have you ever planned a road-trip in the family truckster and realized that everyone's "must-have" luggage leaves precious little spare room for a telescope? Orion has the answer!

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Product Description

Have you ever planned a road-trip in the family truckster and realized that everyone's "must-have" luggage leaves precious little spare room for a telescope? Orion has the answer!

Kids and the whole family can still enjoy sharp daytime terrestrial views and night sky observations while on the road, and save storage space in the car by bringing along the pleasantly portable Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit. It's a versatile 70mm-aperture refractor telescope designed to pack up and go whenever you hit the road, the trail, or even the air. The GoScope II's custom backpack and small stature makes portable stargazing and daytime spotting a convenient reality, without compromising quality.

The affordable Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope features a 70mm achromatic lens system for sharp images of distant subjects. The entire refractor telescope setup and all included accessories fit in the custom-designed backpack carry case, making the GoScope II an ideal grab-and-go refractor you can take virtually anywhere. Its light weight of just 3.5 lbs. makes it easy for kids and beginners to take the telescope anywhere. It excels for daytime birding, nature study, and scenic long-distance viewing, and can also take you on visual adventures beyond the Earth's horizon after sunset for some casual nighttime stargazing and Moon-watching.


The included 5x24 finder scope makes it easy to aim the GoScope II.

The 5x24 finder scope has a 24mm lens in the front that collects light, and it has 5-power magnification so you can aim the telescope easily. After following a simple alignment procedure that parents can help with, kids can use the 5x24 finder scope to aim the GoScope at interesting objects like the Moon and stars at night, and at daytime targets like birds, boats on water, and scenery.


A 45° correct-image diagonal provides a bright, correctly oriented daytime view.

This convenient diagonal makes it easy to track moving birds and wildlife during the day, and also planets and the Moon at night since it gives you a view that matches your regular vision. Just insert the diagonal into the telescope's focuser, and then put one of the two included eyepieces into the 45° diagonal and you're ready to focus on stars, the Moon, and more!


Two included eyepieces provide a variety of magnifications right out of the box.

The GoScope II 70mm includes two 1.25" eyepieces. A 25mm eyepiece that provides a 16x power image, and a shorter 10mm focal length eyepiece that yields more powerful 40x views. Using both eyepieces is a great way to learn about magnification, and helps you enjoy interesting sights in the sky. Kids can start observing with the lower-power eyepiece to scan the skies easily, and then boost power up to 40x with the 10mm eyepiece for closer looks.


The included MoonMap 260 lets you learn the names of craters and other features on the Moon.

The pleasantly portable GoScope II 70mm Travel Telescope comes with the Orion MoonMap 260 ($12.99 value). Kids and adults alike will enjoy looking at the Moon with the GoScope telescope, then using the MoonMap 260 to learn the official names of the interesting craters, mountains, and other features you've seen. It will even show you where various spacecraft have landed on the Moon's surface!



The GoScope II and included accessories all fit in the specially designed backpack case.

The Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope is a complete observational system that tucks away neatly in its specially designed backpack. With the 70mm telescope, tripod, 45° diagonal, two eyepieces, 5x24 finder scope and MoonMap 260 packed inside, the backpack remains nice and light for easy portability.



 You will find a lot of uses for the respectable optics of the Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope, and a lot of times and places to use them, day or night. For the price, it's hard to beat this nifty little refractor telescope.






Name Orion - GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit
Manufacturer Orion
Model ORI-10034
Focal Length 400mm
Focal Ratio f/5.7
Highest Useful Magnification 135x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 11.9
Lowest Useful Magnification 10x
Optical Coatings Fully coated
Optical Design Refractor
Optical tube diameter 70mm
Optical Tube Length 13.0 in
Optical Tube Weight 1.6 lbs
Tripod Aluminum
Warranty One year


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