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ATIK - 450 CCD Camera - Sony ICX655 Color Sensor


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Atik Cameras


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The Atik 450 is the first camera available to astro-imagers that use Sony’s superb  ICX655  5MP color sensor. As one of the latest generation of Sony CCD Sensors, the ICX-655(C)shows the results of Sony’s continued development to lower thermal and read noise, while generating an increasing number of pixels and improved quantum efficiencies.  The 5MP sensor is ideal for shorter focal length refractors and HyperStar systems, while giving DSLR levels of resolution in a camera optimised for deep-sky Astrophotography.

The Atik-4 Series cameras are direct offspring of the 3-Series cameras and feature a narrower body.  These are particularly suitable if the camera is to be placed in front of the telescope in HyperStar or Fastar systems, as well as on custom-designed systems that need a narrow-bodied CCD camera.  The cameras feature precise cooling control to make taking matching dark frames a snap, and include simple 12V power requirement to facilitate field operation.

Featuring the narrowest body in its class, the Atik 450 is one of the lightest cameras as well. This next evolution has not sarificed or compromised cooling performance or stability. The cooler module has been engineered for low power use, making your field sessions last longer. Also, the desiccant port is now easily accessible from the exterior.

The Atik 420 comes with Atik’s renowned Capture system application which provides a simple and intuitive yet powerful way to acquire images. Tools include a focus assistance readout, image sequencer, guide camera control and integration with Atik filter wheels. Capture strives to take the stress out of imaging,  while making your time at the telescope more enjoyable. If you require compatibility with other software there are plug-ins for MaxIm DL, Astroart and CCDSoft, as well as a full ASCOM driver. 

Also included is Dawn,  Atik’s new image-processing software. As with Atik cameras, Dawn was designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use. It allows a sequence of image-processing steps to be presented in the form of a pictorial workflow which can be created with a few mouse clicks and can then be processed very easily for professional results.

The new SONY ICX-655 Color Sensor

In addition to the existing needs for even higher resolution in compact consumer digital still cameras, there are now increasing needs for improved high-ISO sensitivity and higher dynamic range. 

Sony has now developed two new CCDs that, while maintaining high picture quality by taking advantage of Sony’s unique fine pixel fabrication technologies, achieve further miniaturization, higher resolution, and superb image sensor characteristics as well. These are the ICX655/675 Series 1.68 μm unit pixel CCDs and the ICX637CQZ, which features the industry’s smallest unit pixel with a size of only 1.66 μm.  

By using finer feature sizes for all of the vertical register, read gate, and channel stop, Sony was able to increase the area of the photodiode, which converts photons to electrons and accumulates the signal charge.  In addition, Sony used single-layer interconnect technology to move the microlenses to a lower layer to achieve an even smaller pixel without sacrificing condensing efficiency 

Highly acclaimed Capture software is included for camera control and data acquisition, and plug-ins are included to allow use with Astroart and Maxim DL.

A universal (110-230V) power adapter is optional.

System requirements: Pentium III PC with 128MB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/Win7, CD-ROM drive and USB 2.0 port.


Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX655
Horizontal Resolution: 2448 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 2050 pixels
Pixel Size: 3.45 µM x 3.45 µM
ADC: 16 bit
Readout Noise: 5e- typical value
Interface: Mini-USB 2.0 High Speed
Power: 12v DC 1A
Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length: 1/1000 s
Cooling: Termoelectric set point with max  ΔT=-30°C
Weight: approx. 400 gr
Backfocus: 13mm

                                                                          The SONY ICX655 mono chip




Additional Information

Name ATIK - 450 CCD Camera - Sony ICX655 Color Sensor
Manufacturer Atik Cameras
Model ATK0095
Manufacturer Part No ATK0095
ADC (analog to digital converter) 16 bit
Backfocus Distance 13mm
Computer Interface Mini-USB 2.0 High Speed
Cooling Termoelectric set point with max ΔT=-30°C
Exposure Lenght (Min) 1/1000 s
Exposure Length (Max) Unlimited
Pixel Size 3.45 µM x 3.45 µM
Power 12v DC 1A
Power Supply 12v DC 1A
Read Noise 5e- typical value
Resolution (Horizontal) 2448 pixels
Resolution (Vertical) 2050 pixels
Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX655