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Astrozap - Artificial Star for Collimation


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Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: AstroZap


The Artificial Star Collimator by Astrozap provides outstanding support for star testing during undesirable conditions. When skies are clear, collimation is easily achieved by using any bright star available. However, when the weather is cloudy or if there is a minimal amount of fog, the system of collimation is much less effective since the star may be blurry or invisible totally. This is where the Astrozap Artificial Star Collimator comes in handy for the astronomer. When there is no star, this collimation system will make one for you! Providing a stable and steady reference point, one can achieve collimation by using this artificial point of light without worrying about drifting. This Astrozap Collimation System provides an unchanging point of brightness that will produce defraction rings when defocused in a telescope. In addition to the convenience of an artificial point of light, this star collimator can be placed either on a table or a standard photo tripod with the 1.25-20 adapter at the bottom of this unit.

The Astrozap Star Collimation system uses bright 18,000mcd LED focused a stainless steal aperture of 100 micron precision. Depending on which telescope the observor chooses, the placement of this artificial star can fluctuate. For instance, if the observor chooses to use an 8" SCT, Astrozap recommends an average of 100 ft. Generally, the more distance between the scope, the more contrast is lost in the eypiece.

Another fanstastic advantage of this Artificial Colliation System by Astrozap is the ability to be used by multiple people at once. This is perfectly convenient at star parties in which all observers can use the same point of reference. Since this artificial star never moves, it is also a steady point of reference for everybody with very accurate collimation alignment. Telescopes that utilize collimation to its full potential generally have a better outcome in optical performance 

Additional Information

Name Astrozap - Artificial Star for Collimation
Manufacturer AstroZap
Model AZ-1600
Manufacturer Part No AZ-1600