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AstroSystems - 1.3 " Secondary Mirror


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Manufactured by: AstroSystems


AstroSystems - 1.3 inch Secondary Mirror

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Our superior quality elliptical secondary mirrors are made of precision annealed Pyrex blanks, ground to the exact minor axis dimension. All secondary mirrors are made by our own optician, providing complete control of quality from start to finish. All secondary mirrors are interferometrically tested for flatness using a Zygo interferometer during manufacture and prior to shipping. Secondary mirrors meet or exceed 1/10th wave flatness for sizes of 3.1 inch and under, 1/8 wave flatness for 3.5 inch to 4.5 inch and 1/6 wave flatness for 5.0 inch to 7.0 inch. All AstroSystems secondary mirrors are coated with enhanced aluminum, giving 95-96% reflectivity and long coating life. Superior performance for new or retrofitted telescopes. Call for availability on secondary mirrors over 4.0 inch.

Rest assured, each and every piece is manufactured to “laser quality” specifications. Minimum quality claim* is 1/10 wave P-V on 3.10 inch or smaller. 1/8 wave P-V on 3.5 inch and larger.
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*On any 4 inch diameter test circle.

Additional Information

Name AstroSystems - 1.3 " Secondary Mirror
Manufacturer AstroSystems
Model AS_SM_1.30
Manufacturer Part No AS_SM_1.30