Alcor System - All Sky Camera OMEA 2mp Monochrome CCD Camera with Auto Iris

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The OMEA Alcor All Sky Camera is the flagship of this series.

Manufactured by:
Alcor System

Product Description

Alcor System All Sky Camera OMEA 2mp Monochrome CCD Camera with Auto Iris

The OMEA camera is the flagship of the Alcor System camera series, it has most of the features including the following:

  • 1.3 and 2 millions pixel color/monochrome progressive scan detector
  • Digital USB 2.0 output with 20 m cable length
  • 185°x185° fisheye field or 185°x165°
  • Video mode (for transient events) or snapshot with long exposure mode
  • Active dome defrost and camera auto-iris
  • Complete anodized aluminium casing, water tight box and connectors. 


OMEA Camera (right side as square shape is temperature and moisture sensor)



OMEA 2.0M, this has 185°x175° field of view, (65sec exposure, click image to enlarge)


OMEA camera can capture very fast  events like a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere, leaving a remnant of its path (see below).


Name Alcor System - All Sky Camera OMEA 2mp Monochrome CCD Camera with Auto Iris
Manufacturer Alcor System
Auto Iris Closes automatically to F/11 at dawn/dusk, re-opens to F/1.4 for night operation
Camera Resolution 1600x1200 (2 Mpixels) 4.4 x 4.4 µm pixel
Computer Interface USB 2.0 + 20 m length cable, perfectly reliable operation
Cooling Only for OMEA2.0M,CCD temperature is minus 15°C from ambiant.
Dimensions LxHxW Ø130mm x 270 mm height, three holes for mast attachment.
Dynamic Range 8 bits plus gain control (dynamic extension)
Exposure time From 100µs to one hour exposure (all sky mode, typically 30s to 75s)
Field of View 185 ° x 175 ° fisheye lens, focal length f=1.8mm f/1.4, 8.4 arcmin per pixel Wavelength range : 350 to 750 nm (IR cut filter) (1)
Gain User set from 2.2 e-/ADU to 50 e-/ADU
Image Download Time < 30 ms
Operating System Windows (XP,Vista, seven 32&64bits) Linux (contact us)
Operating Temperature from -35°C to +45°C
Power Supply 12V / 3A (provided)
Software Features AllSky software supplied at no additionnal costs UFOCAPTURE compliant
Top Dome Heater Optional : automatic dome defrost based on external sensor (18W to 36W depending on weather conditions / place)
Video Stream 12 frames per second


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