William Optics - Redcat 51 F/4.9 Petzval Refracting Telescope - Upgraded Version

Availability: More on the way

  • The William Optics RedCat 51 is a 51mm Petzval quadruplet APO refractor with synthetic Fluorite optical glass. The 2020 version has been reconfigured. The collar ring for the finder has been made to align with the dovetail and the stop ring improved for durability, the filter placement was moved to allow 2mm more backfocus than previous versions and it now has an M54 adapter as a base configuration.

  • Modeled after telephoto camera lenses and inspired by luxury watches, William Optics' goal was to create an affordable telescope that would provide superior performance, ultra flat field and perfect color and contrast.

  • Easy to adjust helical style focuser and camera rotator with etching for accurate adjustments.

  • Fast optical design at f/4.9, 250mm focal length.

  • Beautiful red anodized finish.

  • Includes soft carry case, M54 adapter, V series dovetail foot, and a removable dew shield with Bahtinov mask cap.

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