PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3S Advanced Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes & Astrophotography - DISCONTINUED

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12 amp power supply is required for use! 5 amp version is not sufficient.

Thanks to the innovative design protected by European Patent EP3335078, you will no longer need an uncomfortable laptop, large batteries and lengthy cables to control and power your telescope. The EAGLE is much more than a computer!

PrimaluceLab's EAGLE3S is designed for more complex systems than the standard EAGLE3 with up to 1000 amps/hour in supported average power consumption. The EAGLE3 is an all in one solution for wireless system control, power and cable management. This compact hub is easily adapted to PrimaluceLab's PLUS adapter and ring system so it can be easily added to your telescope. Features like i3 2.4 GHz Dual Core processor, 8 GB fast RAM memory and SSD 250 GB storage with Windows 10, provide ample capability to run your choice of astronomy programs and more stable and powerful than a typical miniPC.