QHYCCD - 3rd Generation Medium 7 Position Filter Wheel for 36mm Round Filters - Standard Version

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  • QHYCCD QHYCFW3M-SR-7 supports supports a carousel holding 7 36mm unmounted filters.

  • This is the medium sized, standard thickness version of the QHY 3rd generation filter wheels. It is 21.5mm thick with a backfocus consumption of 20.5mm.

  • A convenient switch button on the QHYCFW3 allows for fast switching between serial communication mode and USB communication mode.

  • QHYCCD selected a high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor for the 3rd generation filter wheel design. Compared to the PM stepper motor used in many filter wheels, the hybrid stepper motor has higher precision, smaller step angle, and is more expensive. The motor is enclosed to prevent dust from entering the motor, thus improving reliability and motor life.

  • The direction of filter rotation can be reversed: The filter carousel can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to complete the rotation quickly which is very convenient.

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