Leica - 7x42 Ultravid HD/Black Armored Binoculars

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Clearly, the Leica 7x42 Ultravid HD binocular is an ideal companion for outdoor activities such as bird watching, hunting, hiking, and others. This innovative Ultravid HD series symbolizes the manufacturer's commitment to high standards.

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Product Description

Leica 7x42 Ultravid HD/Black Armored Binoculars

Clearly, the Leica 7x42 Ultravid HD binocular is an ideal companion for outdoor activities such as bird watching, hunting, hiking, and others. This innovative Ultravid HD series symbolizes the manufacturer's commitment to high standards. The binocular reaches an unparalleled image brightness and contrast, thanks to Leica's Fluorite-Ion lenses. Leica goes beyond the realm of normal expectations in order to satisfy the requirements of fastidious enthusiasts.

These highly developed lenses further reduce chromatic aberrations, and produce high color fidelity. Its specially coated prisms increase light transmission, thus making it brighter than the predecessor. This improvement translates into better twilight performance to discern fine details in any low light situation. The 7x42 Ultravid HD benefits significantly from the Leica's "Aqua Dura" Hydrophobic lens coating to meet the high demands of "Go anywhere at any time use". This enhancement repels water from the optics and facilitates easier cleaning.


Highly durable and waterproof

Die-cast, magnesium, rubber-armored body has industry's highest rating for shock resistance. It's nitrogen filled and watertight to a depth of 16.5 feet.


Eyecups rotating design

Eyecups can be pulled out to two different click-stop positions. Rubber cushioned rings provide optimal benefit for eyeglass wearers.


Close focus distance

Binocular focuses from 11 feet allowing close observation of objects.


More light gathering

Highly developed lenses and prism coatings provide 3% increase of light for brighter views over its predecessor.


Improved focusing system

A finely designed focusing mechanism incorporates a lubricant free system with PETP-Discs for smooth movement throughout the operating temperature range.


Elegant design

Painstaking attention to ergonomic detail results in a beautifully contoured binocular that fits perfectly in your hands.


Diopter compensation

±4 dioptric correction to achieve clear vision


Adjustable interpupillary distance

55-75mm interpupillary adjustment range suitable for most viewers


Name Leica - 7x42 Ultravid HD/Black Armored Binoculars
Manufacturer Leica
Model LE-40292
Angular Field of View
Diopter Adjustment Range +/- 4 diopters
Eye Relief 17mm
Focuser Internal focusing via central focusing device
Housing Die-cast magnesium, nitrogen-filled
Magnification 7 x
Near Focus 10.8 ft
No. of Elements 8, all with HDC (TM) coating and Leica AquaDura (TM)
Prisms Roof Prism with phase correcting coating P40 and HighLux-System HLS (TM)


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Review by:
I just had the opportunity to thoroughly field test the Leica 7x42 Ultravid HD binoculars over the second and third weekends this August. Leica has always offered a 7x42 model in their Trinovid and Ultravid lines of binoculars; which has long been a personal favorite of mine, with the unrivaled bright wide angled viewing this power configuration offers. The pair I spent time with over these two 3-day spans was the new 7x42 Ultravid HD, model 40292, which features Leica's new Fluorite-Ion lenses and HighLux system for the brightest possible images and to minimize any stray light. With my past experiences with the 7x42 predecessors by Leica, I was able to appreciate these new optical enhancements.

The first thing I know profoundly about viewing through great binoculars, is you will experience new unseen detail in familiar surroundings, or with well-known subjects. I went right to our backyard here in Glendale California for my first views. I closed focused over the plants in the garden and could follow a bee pollinating the flowering purple verbena just eight feet away. The specifications quote 10.8 feet close focus , but I had a sharp focus at eight. Next I kept the close focus and directed me eyes to the morning activity at the Hummingbird feeder. These Ultravid HD binoculars really revealed the fine feather structure, color nuances , and newly seen behavior with our backyard residents. I was astonished at all the droplets of nectar visibly splashing off their beaks and the feeder. The Hummer's translucent tongues were even briefly seen as they lapped up the nectar. These guys are as messy as they are feisty! The 7x42s were also good at watching the Hummers aerial acrobatics and territorial displays with the generous eight degree field of view. Later toward the end of that day I returned for more backyard birding at dusk, to check how the 7x42 Ultravid HD perform as the light quickly changes and falls. Our backyard is right up against the Verdugo mountains and we sometimes even watch deer and other wildlife crossing through at this time. While I waited, I scanned over the steeply sloping hillside with the Sun setting behind it. Our yard has several large old olive trees and a grape trellis. I've lived with and viewed these trees over the past ten years with my unaided eyes and many different binoculars. At this time the trees usually fall into dark silhouettes with the western sky behind them. The Leicas really revealed the richness of the olive wood's surface texture with it splintered and crackled bark. The HighLux system with its specially coated prisms, phase-corrected P40 coatings, and well baffled and blackened interior help pull out all this surface detail normally lost in this lighting. No wildlife crossing that night, but I do know these olive trees and other fixtures of our backyard even better than before!

A couple of other days I took the Leicas with me beyond the backyard
on a couple afternoons spent with my spouse. One Sunday at the Getty Art Museum, which has some of the best views over Los Angeles. We decided to both walk up and down from the Museum to our car during our visit, instead of taking the tram, and viewed through these binoculars over the cityscape from many viewing angles. From the top of the Getty we can look out straight to the distant Ocean, the Getty museum is in Brentwood, tens of miles from the coast, and could still easily make out the sails of different boats out at sea. The sweeping eight degree field of view and amazing depth made the Leica 7x42 Ultravid HD perfect for this panoramic viewing. The visual experience was so comfortably steady and in focus over so much distance-it was truly 3D!

One focus feature distinct to all mid and full size Leica Trinovids, Ultravids, and Ultravid HD binoculars is the dual function focuser. You can pull the focuser up and focus each eye independently, or press the focuser down and focus for both eyes- very fast, and you get it just right with that fantastic depth of field.

Another afternoon was spent with these Leicas hiking the nature trail in Eaton Canyon in NE Pasadena, alongside big open stretches of chaparral and oak woodland. The Leicas weigh only a little over 27 ounces, and I found them very manageable either holding in my hand or on the comfort strap around my neck for many hours. If you like to bring binoculars on active adventures which might be very physical, these are fine for the trip. I would recommend them for diverse outdoor activities such as birding and safari, whale watching, and even binocular astronomy with the large 6mm exit pupil. A red tailed hawk soared high overhead as we headed down the trail. I kept the bird easily framed with the big view these 7x42s have and could really study its flight pattern. The markings on the Hawk's under-wings were clearly recognizable as distinct and sharp, as I watched with fascination through the 7x42 Ultravid HD binoculars.

Jeff Wood
(Posted on 8/18/2014)
Review by:
Good product really like it
(Posted on 8/18/2014)
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