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Kendrick - 120V AC to 12V DC 10 AMP Power Supply


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Availability: Available - Ships in 3-5 Days


Available - Ships in 3-5 Days

Manufactured by: Kendrick


Kendrick 120V AC to 12V DC 10 Amp Power Supply

For individuals wanting to use 120v household current, Kendrick has several converters that put out 12vdc at various amperages (4.5 amps, 7.5 amps and 10 amps). We do not offer any converters that will convert from 220-240 volts to 12vdc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not discharge your Kendrick battery below 11.6 volts as it may be damaged internally. When charging the battery, be sure to plug the charger into the battery first, then into a wall socket. Failure to do this will result in the battery failing to charge.

The charger will never overcharge the battery and may be left plugged into the battery for extended periods of time without harming the battery. Kendrick has a 6 amp float charger available that will charge the 2082 or 2084-33 battery in 5 to 6 hours (not recomended for the 2081 or 2084-12). Customers outside of North America will need to choose a battery charger with a plug that is appropriate for their country (see the shopping cart below).

NEVER use an automotive charger to charge these batteries. It will ruin the battery. Automotive chargers charge at a higher voltage than other battery chargers. If the charger charges at 14.8 volts or higher, the electrolyte will begin to turn to gas and ruin the battery. In a normal car battery this is not a problem as the battery can be topped up. In a sealed battery (which ours is) the electrolyte that turns to gas will be vented through its seals and cannot be replaced."


Customers are strongly encouraged to inspect and test their battery immediately upon receipt. Check to make sure it is fully charged, that the LCD display works correctly, that the charger works properly.Also, be sure to continue to check the voltage for several days after receiving it. It should hold its voltage. If it does not, contact us so that we may contact Kendrick.

The battery is under warranty for three months from date of shipping. The rest of the battery pack is under warranty for 6 months after the date of purchase. Consequential damages for malfunctions, resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, failure to follow operating instruction, or unauthorized repairs will void this warranty.

Every battery is shipped in a heavy duty shipping box. Customers are requested to keep this box for the warranty period in case the battery should ever need to be returned for maintenance or warranty replacement. BATTERIES MUST BE RETURNED IN THEIR ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX FOR WARRANTY REPAIRS/REPLACEMENT. Warranties for batteries will only be honored on batteries shipped in their original packaging.


Product Series

We recommend, as a minimum, that a 12 amp hour rechargeable battery be used with this system. For individuals wanting to use household current, we have a 120v converter that put out 12v DC at 4.5 amps. We also have a converter that is rated at 10 amps output for. This is recommended for anyone with large power requirements.

Additional Information

Name Kendrick - 120V AC to 12V DC 10 AMP Power Supply
Manufacturer Kendrick
Model 2078
Manufacturer Part No 2078