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Kendrick - Computer Heater


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Kendrick


Kendrick  Computer Heater

The Kendrick Laptop Computer Heater. The laptop computer is placed on top of the heater. Place laptop in a box as shown to create a small heated environment.

This heater is excellent for keeping your laptop computer free of moisture and functioning properly in wet, humid or cold environments where dew, frost or cold may cause serious damage to your computer or slow its performance due to cold temperatures.

Kendrick recommends placing the heater inside a box placed on it's side and then placing the computer on top of the heater. This will create an enclosed environment that will create a pocket of air around your computer that is warmer than the ambient temperature.

These heaters also make excellent eyepiece heating pads. When not in use, simply put your eyepieces on the heater, optic side down and it will keep your eyepieces dew free.

Using the System

Kendrick recommends that you put your heaters in place at the beginning of an observing session and turn your controller on right away. If you are using Premier Heaters, or heaters for Newtonian or RC Telescopes, they recommend a controller setting that represents about 20 to 40% If you are using FireFly or MICRO FireLite Heaters, they recommend a setting of about 60 to 80%.

If moisture has already condensed on your optics, Kendrick recommends covering the optics, turning the heaters on high and waiting 20 to 30 minutes. Once the moisture has cleared, lower your controller setting and resume observing.

Power Source

With the exception of our #2021-A Pad Heater, the dew control systems require 12 volts DC. If you are using a battery to run the system, they recommend a 5 amp hour battery as a minimum. If you want to run the system from a wall plug, you will need a step down converter with a minimum output of 5 amps. For information on the power systems we offer for our systems, please click here. 





source: www.kendrickastro.com


Product Series

The Kendrick Dew Remover System has been the industry standard for effective dew removal and prevention on all optical surfaces where moisture condensation is a problem. Kendrick is the original innovator of these systems and we continue to lead the marketplace with our innovative product design and concepts. Our system has heaters for almost all the optical components used in amateur astronomy, several controllers with different levels of functionality and is the most sophisticated on the market.

Repeated field testing on many types of optical surfaces under many conditions and our thousands of satisfied customers has proven the effectiveness of our product over and over. Amongst other things, our system has these attractive features: * It is energy efficient. Our controllers have variable settings to allow maximum conservation of battery power and precise application of heat. The system is programmable with variable duty cycle, temperature variance, dewpoint variance or set temperature, depending on which controller you use. * It is lightweight. * It is high quality. We use only the best quality components in our system. We do not compromise on the integrity or performance capabilities of our product. * It will keep every optical surface you are using free of moisture in many different circumstances.

Additional Information

Name Kendrick - Computer Heater
Manufacturer Kendrick
Model 2021
Manufacturer Part No 2021
Amps 3
Heater Dimensions (inches) 8.5 x 11 x 0.25
Heater Dimensions (mm) 215.9 x 279.4 x 6.35