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Kendrick - Heater for .965 " eyepieces and finder scope eyepieces


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Manufactured by: Kendrick


Kendrick  0.965" Eyepiece and Finder Scope Eyepieces Heater


The Kendrick Premier Heater Line

Kendrick Astro has heater systems for virtually any optic or electronic device used in amatuer astronomy and outdoor photography. They are designed to keep them functioning and moisture free in humid and/or cold weather.

The Premier Heater line is their flagship brand and highest quality heater. They are built of the highest possible quality materials and the heaters are custom built to Kendrick's electrical specifications. These are not off-the-shelf heaters! We use the best quality velcro, elastic and flex heaters available for this line. The cables are cold flexible down to temperatures of -40 and the cable housing is custom make for Kendrick's specifications. Competitors cannot make this claim.

These heaters have been built to use only as much power as necessary and thereby not waste energy. They have sponge insulation and infa-red reflecting material on one side to help direct the warmth generated by the heaters into the optics. Because of this, less energy is needed to keep your optics moisture free.

Kendrick Premier Heaters wrap around your optics, label side out and are held in place by elastic/Velcro attachments. Telrad and Rigel Finder heaters are held in place with an elastic band. The heaters for secondary mirrors, depending on which model you purchase, are either placed on the backside of the secondary and can be held in place by using the polyester batting found inside the secondary mirror holder (heaters #2016, 2017, 2018, DG-1, DG-2, DG-3) or will wrap around the secondary mirror stalk (heaters #2028 & 2028-S). The .965", 1.25" and 2" heaters are considered eyepiece heaters. The 1.25" and 2" are also heaters for certain camera lenses and binocular objectives. Larger camera and binocular lenses will, of course, require larger heaters. Newtonian Primary Mirror Heaters sit behind the primary mirror in contact with the back side of the mirror. Your mirror holder must be allow for removal of yor primary mirror to accomodate a primary mirror heater.

Below, Kendrick provides a breakdown of the wattage and amperage of most of the Premier Heaters they make. This will aid in choosing the correct controller for your system as your controller must be able to handle the amperage requirements of your heaters, no matter what controller setting you use. For example, if you set your controller to operate at 30%, the heaters will draw their full amperage 30% of the time. The other 70% of the time they will be off.

Item No. Heater Wattage Amperage Heater Dimensions
Heater Dimensions
2003 Telrad Heater 6 0.4 50 x 90 mm 2" x 3.5"
2003-RDF Red Dot Finder Heater 2.5 0.2 Press fit Press fit
2004 .965" Eyepiece Heater 2.5 0.2 16 x 75 mm 1/2" x 3"
2005 1.25" Eyepiece Heater 3 0.2 16 x 125 mm 1/2" x 5"
2006 2" Eyepiece Heater 4 0.3 16 x 175 mm 1/2" x 7"
2006-L DEW-Minator Large Eyepiece Heater 10 0.8 75 x 205 mm 3" x 8"
2007 3" Optic Heater 10 0.8 25 x 280 mm 1" x 11"
2008 4" Optic Heater 11 0.9 25 x 370 mm 1" x 14.5"
2009 5" Optic Heater 15 1.2 25 x 460 mm 1" x 18"
2010 6" Optic Heater 17.5 1.4 25 x 560 mm 1" x 22"
2011 7/8" Optic Heater 20 1.6 25 x 660 mm 1" x 26"
2012 9/10" Optic Heater 25 2 25 x 890 mm 1" x 35"
2013 11" Optic Heater 28 2.3 25 x 965 mm 1" x 38"
2014 12" Optic Heater 33 2.6 25 x 1115 mm 1" x 44"
2015 14/16" Optic Heater 52 4.1 25 x 1270 mm 1" x 50"
2005-B1 Bino-viewer Heaters for eyepieces up to 1.5 inch barrel diameter. 5 0.4 16 x 125 mm 1/2" x 5"
2005-B2 Bino-viewer Heaters for eyepieces over 1.5 inch barrel diameter. 8 .6 16 x 175 mm 1/2" x 7"
2016 Secondary Mirror heater for Newtonian secondary mirror 1.83" to 2.14" 2.5 0.2 44 x 66 mm ellipse 1.75" x 2.6" ellipse
2017 Secondary Mirror heater for Newtonian secondary mirror 2.5" to 3.40" 4 0.3 50 x 90 mm 2.5" x 3.625"ellipse
2018 Secondary Mirror heater for Newtonian secondary mirror 4.00" and up 9 0.7 50 x 90 mm 3.75"x5.50"ellipse
2019 Electronic Hand Control Pad Heater 10 .8 57mm x 165mm 2.25" x 6.5"
2020 Eyepiece Box Heater 10 0.8 57mm x 165mm 2.25" x 6.5"
2022 Rigel Quik Finder Heater 2.5 0.2 16 x 75 mm .5" x 3"
2023 8" Primary Mirror heater for Newtonian Telescope 20 1.6 190 mm Diameter circle 7.5" Diameter circle
2024 10" Primary Mirror heater for Newtonian Telescope 25 2 229 mm Diameter circle 9" Diameter circle
2025 11" to 14" Primary Mirror heater for Newtonian Telescope 35 2.8 280 mm Diameter circle 11" Diamter circle
2026 15" to 18" Primary Mirror heater for Newtonian Telescope 60 4.8 380 mm Diameter circle 15" Diamter circle
* Dimensions represent heating surface area. If the heater is in a fabric sleeve, the heater will be wider and longer.

source: www.kendrickastro.com

Product Series

The Kendrick Dew Remover System has been the industry standard for effective dew removal and prevention on all optical surfaces where moisture condensation is a problem. Kendrick is the original innovator of these systems and we continue to lead the marketplace with our innovative product design and concepts. Our system has heaters for almost all the optical components used in amateur astronomy, several controllers with different levels of functionality and is the most sophisticated on the market.

Repeated field testing on many types of optical surfaces under many conditions and our thousands of satisfied customers has proven the effectiveness of our product over and over. Amongst other things, our system has these attractive features: * It is energy efficient. Our controllers have variable settings to allow maximum conservation of battery power and precise application of heat. The system is programmable with variable duty cycle, temperature variance, dewpoint variance or set temperature, depending on which controller you use. * It is lightweight. * It is high quality. We use only the best quality components in our system. We do not compromise on the integrity or performance capabilities of our product. * It will keep every optical surface you are using free of moisture in many different circumstances.

Additional Information

Name Kendrick - Heater for .965 " eyepieces and finder scope eyepieces
Manufacturer Kendrick
Model 2004
Manufacturer Part No 2004
Amps 0.2
Heater Dimensions (inches) 16 x 75 mm
Heater Dimensions (mm) 1/2" x 3"
Watts 2.5