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Optec - Perseus 4-port Instrument Selector


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Optec

Optec - Perseus 4-port Instrument Selector


Optec's new 4-port Instrument Selector allows the remote observatory user the ability to remotely select any of four instrument packages attached to their telescope.

This is Optec's new 4-port instrument selector.   The photo shows a top view of the selector with two different CCD cameras, a single channel SSP photometer, and a separate TCF-S focuser and eyepiece.  Any variety of instrument packages can be configured and used.

The 4-port selector is being demonstrated in the video below on a Meade 8-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope. However, it's really designed for at least a C11 class telescope. This is a robust design and intended for permanent observatory instruments only.

There are four instrument ports - three 2-inch ports and one 3-inch port available with the Perseus.  In the video below, the mirror is not yet attached to the prototype but it is an 1/8th wave first surface elliptical mirror with a 3-inch minor axis.

The embedded circuit has a single push button interface for use at the telescope and an RS232 DB9 interface for remote control.  LED indicators show the currently selected instrument.


  • Overall Height: 7.00" (17.8cm)
  • Main Body Diameter: 4.25" (10.8cm)
  • Weight: approx. 5 lb. (2.25 kg)
  • Telescope Adapter: OPTEC-3600 Female Dovetail Mount
  • Instrument Ports: Three 2-inch & One 3-inch
  • Primary Port #1:
    • Mechanical Interface:  OPTEC-3600 Male Dovetail
    • Clear Aperture:  3.0" (76mm)
    • Back-focus usage: 4.5" (11.4 cm)
  • Secondary Ports #2, #3, #4:
    • Primary Mechanical Interface: OPTEC-2400 Male Dovetail
      • Clear Aperture: 2.1" (53mm)
      • Back-focus usage: 4.3" (11.0cm)
    • Secondary Interface: Knurled Parfocal adjusting OPTEC-2300 Receiver
      • Clear Aperture: 1.9" (48mm)

      • Back-focus usage:  5.0" to 5.5" (12.7cm to 14cm)

      • Total Parfocal Travel:  0.5" (12.7mm)

      • Mounting Options: T-thread, SCT thread, C-mount, Pentax

  • Control Interface: Push-button Selection

  • Communications Interface: RS-232 serial with DB9 connector

  • Software Interface: Dedicated Applet and serial command interface







Additional Information

Name Optec - Perseus 4-port Instrument Selector
Manufacturer Optec
Model 19600
Manufacturer Part No 19600
Diameter 4.25" (10.8cm)
Height 7.00" (17.8cm)