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Optec - NextGEN WideField NGW 0.5X Telecompressor Lens


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Availability: Available - Ships in 3-5 Days


Available - Ships in 3-5 Days

Manufactured by: Optec

Optec - NextGEN WideField NGW 0.5X Telecompressor Lens


Second generation WideField telecompressor design with 0.5X reduction. Re-design of Optec’s WideField reducer provides improved color correction and longer back-focus. Provides unvignetted field approx. 18mm in diameter. Now compatible with SBIG’s CFW-8 color wheel.
(NOTE: Order NextGEN CCD camera mounting plate separately.)

The Optec NGW (Next Generation WideField) telecompressor increases the effective speed of the Meade and Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes from f/10 to f/5. This 1/2 times reduction in focal length allows for 4 times greater field area and 1/4 reduction in exposure time for extended surface objects such as bright nebulae. The system is optimized specifically for f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes to allow for correction of the field curvature and spherical-chromatism that afflicts these types of instruments. At f/5, the maximum corrected field has a diameter of 17.5 mm at the image plane which makes the optic suitable for CCD cameras with imaging chips of the same diagonal dimension or smaller.

Ray Tracing


The optical design of the NextGEN 0.50X was done with Zemax and optimized for four field points using wavelengths of 450, 550 and 650 nm. The goal was for the smallest blur diameters for the four field points. The system was modeled using the actual optical prescription for a SCT with the inherit aberrations of this telescope. The resulting lens curvatures of this designed were made without adjusting the radii to the optical lab's tool list. Custom tools were made for all surfaces.

Product Series

The NextGEN Series is the second generation of telecompressor lens systems designed by Optec. The first generation was available for the early CCD cameras such as the SBIG ST-6 and Meade 416. Improvements in CCD designed has warranted a complete redesign of our telecompressors which we offer now. These designs have been optimized by the premier Zemax optical design program and are made to the highest optical standards. All optical surfaces are polished to a 60-40 cosmetic quality and coated with a hard broadband coating for maximum transmission and durability. No finer telecompressor is available.

Additional Information

Name Optec - NextGEN WideField NGW 0.5X Telecompressor Lens
Manufacturer Optec
Model 17406
Manufacturer Part No 17406