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Optec - Hb narrow and wide band filter set with R6358 or R6350 PMT


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Manufactured by: Optec

Optec - Hb narrow and wide band filter set with R6358 or R6350 PMT


Set of two interference filters used to study the strength of Hß absorption at 4861Å. The narrow band filter has a halfwidth (FWHM) of 3 nm and the wide band filter has a halfwidth of 15 nm. These two filters must be used together and are often used in conjunction with the Strömgren four-color filter set.

Product Series

Optec offers a wide selection of filters for astronomical photometry in standard color systems. These filters are designed for the SSP series of single-channel stellar photometers and are 12.5mm (") in diameter and 7.00 mm thick. The filter sets offered are the Johnson U B V R I J H  wide-band standard color set, Strmgren u v b y  medium-band four-color set and the H wide & narrow band  filter set.

To learn more about the Strmgren and H filters click here to download (1.8MB) and read a tutorial. Each of these filters can be factory mounted directly into the 2 and 6-position (automatic) filter  sliders for the SSP photometers. See below for the transmission characteristics and instrument compatibility.

For routine photometry, consider a B - V set mounted in a two position slider. Consult texts on astronomical photometry  for more information on the use of these special filters.

The Johnson filters that were available from Optec in 1-inch diameter size have been discontinued. Some may still be listed on the Scratch and Dent page. They have been replaced by a new Bessell design that are 5 mm thick and are similar in transmission to our 50 mm diameter Bessell set sold for the IFW.

Additional Information

Name Optec - Hb narrow and wide band filter set with R6358 or R6350 PMT
Manufacturer Optec
Model 17049
Manufacturer Part No 17049