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Meade - 114EQ-A 4.5 Short Tube Equatorial Newtonian Reflector


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Manufactured by: Meade

Meade - 114EQ-A 4.5 Short Tube Equatorial Newtonian Reflector


Get high-quality views on a budget!

Great for the backyard observer!


Meade 114EQ-A 114mm / 4.5" Equatorial Reflector Telescope

The Meade 114EQ-AST with deluxe ring mount is a great way to begin studying the stars. It'll bring many celestial objects into sharp focus for up-close inspection and imaging. And it won't break your budget in the process!

The 4.5-inch reflector scope is simple enough for the first-time user, yet advanced enough to be enjoyed for years to come. Featuring fine optics, special heavy-duty tripod and deluxe ring mount, this telescope will ignite interest in the heavens. And it's easily adaptable to astrophotography, so you'll be able to capture planetary and deep-space images of stunning quality.

The deluxe short-tube 4.5" reflector with heavy duty equatorial mount and 1.25" eyepieces. Meade 114 mm Reflector Telescope 114 EQ A offers a polished aluminized primary mirror with hard quartz overcoat an a built-in matching diagonal mirror. Meade 114 EQ A Short Tube Reflector Telescope features large deluxe equatorial mount with covered gears, precision slow-motion controls actuated by spring steel flex-cables on both axes. Because the earth rotates once on its axis every 24 hours, celestial objects move rapidly through the telescopic field, particularly at higher powers. The Equatorial Mount of the Meade Telescope 114 EQ-A greatly facilitates object tracking, simply by manually turning one or both of the control cables.

The large 114 mm diameter mirror of 114EQ A Equatorial Mount Meade Telescopes gathers 361% more light than 60mm telescopes. Fainter, more distant objects can be seen in far greater detail. The beginning amateur who intends to use a manual telescope on a regular basis will find the 114mm (4.5") Equatorial Mount Meade Telescope 114EQ A to be a valuable investment.

High-performance features included:


  • 114mm Short Tube, Polished Aluminized Primary Mirror with Hard Quartz Overcoat for extra light-gathering ability;
  • Large Deluxe Equatorial Mount
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable tripod for firm support;
  • 5x24mm finderscope for easy object location;
  • Heavy-duty, equatorial ring mount for easy tracking and astrophotography;
  • 2 included Eyepieces - 25mm (40X) and 9mm (110X) for varied viewing situations;
  • Included 2X Barlow lens for double the magnification;
  • Accessory tray for extra convenience,
  • Star Navigator astro software for education and fun.



Additional Information

Name Meade - 114EQ-A 4.5 Short Tube Equatorial Newtonian Reflector
Manufacturer Meade
Model MEA-04066
Manufacturer Part No MEA-04066
Telescope Aperture 4.1" - 5"
Aperture 114mm (4.5")
Focal Length 1000mm
Focal Ratio f/8.8
Mount Equatorial Mount with Slow Motion Controls
Optical Design Equatorial Reflector