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Universal Astronomics - T-Mount Light for Binos


Availability: This item typically has a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.


This item typically has a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.

Manufactured by: Universal Astronomics

Universal Astronomics - T-Mount Light for Binos


Universal Astronomics T-Mount Light for Binos


The T-Mount Light is the most affordable parallelogram mount in the Universal Astronomics product line. It shares the precision, all-aluminum construction and ultra-smooth teflon bearings of the Unimounts. The standard version comes with four degrees of motion - for maximum flexibility, consider the Light Ultra-Swing Hinge option to add a 5th degree of motion. The T-Mount Light is essentially a shorter, more compact versions of the Unimount Light. This allows the T-Mount to carry more weight (15 lbs.), but at the cost of a narrower range of motion. The T-Mount Light is an affordable choice for all of our binoculars, as well as being a compact alternative to the Unimounts. The T-Mount light is an excellent choice for our 10-lb. Gemini 25x100 WP-IF, 30x100 WP-IF, and 15x85 HD-WP and 22x85 HD-WP Signature series binoculars.

We recommend either our Series 5000 Tripod with crank-adjustable center column (26-lb. capacity), or the Light-Duty Surveyor Tripod (30-lb. capacity) for most uses, and the Medium-Duty Surveyor Tripod (40-lb. capacity) for use with heavier binoculars or when maximum stability is desired. The Bogen 028B or the Series 5000 are a good choice for use with 90mm and smaller binoculars when light weight is important. Our standard L-adapter is required for use with binocular without a center post. We recommend the adjustable guide handle and ultra-swing hinge options for reclining "lawn chair" viewing.






Product Series

Ideal for bino viewing, standing or reclined. All UA mounts include one Tripod Mounting Post (exceptions noted). All parallelogram mounts have 4 degrees of motion standard (optional additional degrees of motion available below under Accessories), counterweights included.

* Quick setup * Light weight * Balanced head assembly allows for fluid motion without clamps * Powder coated welded aluminum construction * All stainless steel hardware * Rubber coated counterweights * Can be customized to support any binocular or telescope * Can fit most any tripod * Completely waterproof # Amazingly Comfortable with a telescope,eyepiece height can be maintained from horizon to zenith! # Star Party Friendly, optics can be raised and lowered to accomodate other viewers comfortably # Great Versatility, can be fitted to accept scopes or binos and get 2 mounts in one! # Light Weight, strength to weight ratio surpasses the competition * T-Mount Light rated for up to 10 (and then some) * T-Mount rated for up to 30 lbs # Quick Setup # Compact Size # Completely Waterproof # Welded Construction

Additional Information

Name Universal Astronomics - T-Mount Light for Binos
Manufacturer Universal Astronomics
Model 01301
Manufacturer Part No 01301