Planewave - Delta Rho 350 14" f/3 Optical Tube

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The Planewave Delta-Rho 350 is a 14" optical tube with fine tuned optics for astrophotography. 

Fast f/3 optics for wide field imaging. 

Heaters installed, ready to accept the Delta-T heater sold separately. 

1 year warranty.

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Planewave Delta Rho 350 14" f/3 Optical Tube

Embark on a journey into the realm of revolutionary wide-field imaging with the PlaneWave DeltaRho 350 f/3 telescope. Born out of years of dreaming and relentless innovation, this telescope stands as a testament to Planewave's commitment to delivering an unparalleled astrophotography experience.

The DeltaRho 350 boasts a Corrected Cassegrain focus optical design, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of wide-field imaging enthusiasts. With a fixed primary mirror, achieving optimal collimation is a breeze, accomplished swiftly by adjusting the tip and tilt of the secondary mirror. This design choice emphasizes ease of use in the field, ensuring that your astrophotography endeavors are not only rewarding but also hassle-free.

Collimation is facilitated through three tip/tilt screws at the secondary mirror, allowing for precise adjustments tailored to your imaging needs. The backfocus of 5.651” (143.535 mm) from the mounting surface, excluding the focuser and rotator, ensures optimal optical performance. This distance takes into account refraction from filters, contributing to the telescope's overall accuracy.

For enhanced versatility, the DeltaRho 350 offers a backfocus of 2.525″ (64.135 mm) with the Series-5 focuser and Series-5 Rotator installed, with the focuser positioned at the midpoint of its travel range.

To combat the challenges posed by dew formation, the DeltaRho 350 comes equipped with built-in primary and secondary dew heaters, complemented by temperature sensors. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that your telescope remains free from dew-related disruptions during your imaging sessions.

With the DeltaRho 350, PlaneWave has redefined the standards of wide-field imaging telescopes, providing astrophotographers with an instrument that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Immerse yourself in the cosmos and elevate your astrophotography pursuits with the exceptional capabilities of the DeltaRho 350.

Planewave Delta-Rho 350 Features

  • Aperture: 350mm
  • Focal Length: 1050mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/3
  • 60mm Image Circle providing a field of view greater than 3 degrees

Delta-Rho Optics

Embracing the Cassegrain optical design, the Planewave DeltaRho 350 positions the imaging train at the back of the telescope, ensuring an unobstructed light path. This strategic design choice distinguishes it from prime focus alternatives, enabling users to seamlessly operate with filterwheels and large cameras without compromising performance. The DeltaRho 350 represents a paradigm shift in telescope technology, combining a focal ratio of f/3 and a focal length of 1050 mm to deliver an exceptional wide-field experience. The telescope's revolutionary design not only enhances ease of use but also positions it as a formidable force in the realm of astrophotography.

One of the DeltaRho 350's standout features is its ability to provide a perfectly flat field, ensuring that your astrophotographs exhibit stunning clarity from corner to corner. Field curvature, often a challenge in traditional designs, is mitigated, offering users unprecedented image quality. Equipped with the simplicity of single-mirror collimation, advanced baffles for stray light control, and structural performance optimized through finite element analysis (FEA), the DeltaRho 350 stands as an exceptional diffraction-limited telescope. Users can expect pinpoint stars from edge to edge, with an expansive 170 x 170 arcminute field of view when employing large 16803/4040 size camera sensors. This field of view surpasses that of the CDK14 by nearly three times, amplifying the immersive experience for astrophotographers.

When equipment seamlessly fades into the background, allowing users to focus solely on their craft, the astrophotography experience becomes not just rewarding but genuinely enjoyable. The DeltaRho 350 sets a new standard in the pursuit of breathtaking celestial images, inviting users to explore the cosmos with unprecedented clarity and ease.

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Brand PlaneWave Instruments
Free Shipping Does Not Qualify for Free Shipping
Aperture 14"
Case Included No
Focal Ratio f/3
Optical Tube Material Carbon Fiber
Warranty 1 year
In The Box
  • Planewave Delta-Rho 350 Optical Tube
  • Heating Elements for Dew Prevention on Mirrors, Ready to Accept Delta-T Controller (sold separately)
  • OTA Cover
  • Flashdrive
  • Wrench Set (5812A35) (EU orders only)
  • Planewave Delta-Rho 350 Optical Tube
  • Heating Elements for Dew Prevention on Mirrors, Ready to Accept Delta-T Controller (sold separately)
  • OTA Cover
  • Flashdrive
  • Wrench Set (5812A35) (EU orders only)
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