Optec - Hercules Focusing Rotator

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The Optec Hercules Focusing Rotator is a low-profile telescope focuser and camera rotator solution that provides the exceptional performance you expect from an Optec product. 

Slightly smaller than the Optec Gemini focuser, the Hercules provides 3" clear aperture and 0.35" or approximately 9mm of focus travel while maintaining a thickness of less than 2". 

ASCOM and Alpaca drivers provide alt-az de-rotation, image orientation and composition along with guide star acquisition.  

Optec Hercules Focusing Rotator

Introducing Optec's latest innovation in astronomical imaging technology: the Hercules rotating focuser. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your telescope setup, the Hercules offers a unique combination of camera field rotation and precise focus adjustment, all in a compact and sturdy package.

Compared to its predecessor, the Gemini focusing rotator, the Hercules boasts a slightly more compact design without compromising on performance. With a generous 3-inch clear aperture and a travel distance of approximately 0.35 inches (equivalent to about 9mm), the Hercules ensures optimal flexibility for achieving the perfect focus while maintaining a sleek profile, with a thickness of less than 2 inches.

What truly sets the Hercules apart is its advanced functionality, driven by Optec's renowned ASCOM and Alpaca drivers. These best-in-class drivers not only facilitate traditional guide-star acquisition but also enable sophisticated features such as alt-az de-rotation, image orientation, and composition. This means you can capture stunning images with unparalleled precision and clarity, even in challenging observing conditions.

Moreover, the Hercules doesn't compromise on the exceptional focus control that Optec is known for. Whether you're fine-tuning your imaging setup or capturing intricate details of celestial objects, you can rely on the Hercules to deliver the outstanding performance you expect from Optec.

The Optec Hercules rotating focuser is the perfect companion for astrophotographers seeking a versatile, high-performance solution for their imaging needs. With its compact design, advanced features, and precise focus control, the Hercules empowers you to unlock new possibilities in your astronomical pursuits.

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