Meade - LX85 8" Newtonian Astrograph Optical Tube Assembly

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  • The 8" f/4 astrograph reflector optical tube excels at capturing the subtle light emitted by distant celestial objects, making it suitable for both visual observation and photography.
  • The 2" linear bearing Crayford focuser is equipped with a 10:1 fine focus reduction knob, enabling precise and consistent focusing adjustments.
  • With an extended back focus of 83.2mm, this design accommodates a wide range of camera equipment, including DSLRs and coma correctors.
  • Weighing just 16 lbs and measuring 27.5" in length, this tube is compatible with any Vixen mount with the appropriate weight capacity.
  • Included accessories: 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece, 8x50 finder scope, hinged tube rings, 2" eyepiece extension tube, cooling accelerator fan, and Vixen-style dovetail rail.

Meade 8" f/4 LX85 Astrograph Reflector Optical Tube

Introducing the Meade 8” f/4 LX85 astrograph reflector optical tube assembly, a compact wide-field telescope that boasts exceptional light-gathering capabilities. This is achieved through the incorporation of an impressive 8” BK7 (Borosilicate) mirror and advanced >90% enhanced reflectivity coatings. The f/4 system operates at a remarkable speed, allowing it to efficiently capture substantial light within short exposures, making it ideal for capturing intricate details within nebulae and galaxies.

With its 800mm focal length, coupling this optical tube with a DSLR or any astro camera produces expansive and detail-rich portions of the sky. This makes it perfect for framing a multitude of large deep-sky objects. Additionally, the inclusion of a 2” linear bearing Crayford focuser enables seamless pairing with a low-power 2” eyepiece featuring a wide apparent field of view. When situated in a dark-sky environment far from urban light pollution, this telescope unveils new structural nuances within objects like the Veil Nebula. The focuser offers a 10:1 reduction fine focus knob, safeguarded by brass compression rings to prevent any damage to eyepiece barrels or camera adapters. Furthermore, a 2” to 1.25” step-down adapter is included, also equipped with a brass compression ring.

Designed to achieve focus compatibility with DSLR cameras and a variety of imaging accessories, the telescope boasts an extended 83.2mm back-focus distance, ensuring versatility with different equipment. To facilitate visual observations, a 35mm long 2” diameter eyepiece extension tube is provided, enabling compatibility with most 2” and 1.25” eyepieces. The package includes a range of accessories such as hinged tube rings and a Vixen-style dovetail rail, a 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece, an 8x50 finder scope, and a cooling accelerator fan affixed to the rear mirror cell.

Depending on the dimensions of your camera sensor, it's recommended to consider an optional coma corrector to mitigate the inherent coma associated with reflector designs. This proves especially advantageous when utilizing low-power 2” eyepieces or camera sensors exceeding the ~4:3 format.

Warranty. - This product is covered by a Limited Warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Please note that this warranty is exclusively provided by Meade and applies solely to the original retail purchaser. For comprehensive warranty details, you can reach out to Meade at 800-626-3233.

More Information
UPC 709942101041
Brand Meade Instruments
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Aperture 8 Inches
Backfocus Distance 83.2mm
Case Included No
Focal Length 800mm
Focal Ratio f/4.0
Focus Type 2" dual-speed linear bearing Crayford
Focal Length of Eyepiece 1 Super Plossl 26.0mm
Magnification of Eyepiece 1 31x
Finderscope Included Yes, 50mm 8x
Highest Useful Magnification 300x
Lowest Useful Magnification 29x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 14.2
Secondary Mirror Obstruction By Diameter 35%
Secondary Mirror Obstruction By Area 12%
Optical Coatings Aluminum
Optical Tube Length 27.5 Inches
Optical Tube Diameter 200mm
Optical Tube Weight 16.0 lbs.
Warranty Manufacturer - 2 years
In The Box
  • Two cradle rings with felt lining
  • 12v cooling fan
  • 2" eyepiece extension tube
  • 8x50 finder and bracket
  • Two cradle rings with felt lining
  • 12v cooling fan
  • 2" eyepiece extension tube
  • 8x50 finder and bracket
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