Meade - 16" f/10 LX200 ACF Computerized Telescope with Field Tripod - 1610-60-02

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  • The 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope features the same optical design found on many research grade telescopes.  ACF optics are crisp and clear from edge to edge, with pinpoint stars without the distortions typically caused by coma.
  • The LX200 GoTo AZ mount features the same time tested features as the original LX200: primary mirror lock, zero image shift microfocuser, an oversized primary mirror, the SmartDrive mount, and the Autostar II GoTo system.
  • Focal Ratio: f/10, Focal Length: 4060mm
  • Includes a Super Giant field tripod, 26mm eyepiece, 2" diagonal with 1.25" eyepiece holder, 25ft. AC power cord,  8x50 finderscope and AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition Software
  • 1 year warranty
  • The 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope is a large item and must be shipped by freight.  Call us at 818.347.2270 for a shipping quote.

Meade 16 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC

If you are into serious astronomy, whether it's as a hobby or as part of a professional research project you may be involved with, you need a telescope with certain qualities. Obviously, a Coma free telescope is preferred. But in addition, you would like something built to last, one that offers bright and crisp images,  something that is easy to focus and maneuver around the night sky, and a scope with plenty of intelligence. Well, put all of those features together, add many more, and you come up with the 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope.

A really smart scope should start behaving smartly right out of the box, and that's exactly what the 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope does. Conventional scopes require endless hours of calibration and alignment using known objects to "fine tune" your scope. Not so for telescopes in the Mead LX200 family. Using it's intelligent AutoAlign feature, these scopes will show you that they know their way around the night sky by automatically picking up two known stars and placing them smack dab into your view finder. All you have to do now is fine tune your alignment and that's it - you're ready to get underway on your space tour.

Serious work calls for serious tools, and the 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope is definitely no pushover. This (literally) 320 pounds of feature-packed telescopic marvel comes with Mead's Super Giant Tripod, and ships on a pallet, and has been designed to last for a long time to come.

Any piece of equipment built like the 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope needs a serious mount. And this 16" powerhouse in the Meade LX200 ACF family comes with an equally heavy duty fork mount that uses four 80mm roller bearings to deliver perfect declination (vertical) control for your scope, and two massive 150mm roller bearings to provide smooth horizontal (azimuth) movement. Using this mount you can control the swerve of your coma free telescope at a user selectable fast clip of between 1o to 6o per seconds with . 1o  increments, or at a fine slew speed from .01x to 1x sidereal using 1 1/100th increments.

Avid sky watchers are like football fans watching their favorite team play a closely contended match on TV. They don't want to blink an eyelid or move a muscle for fear of missing the action. Users of the Meade 16" LX200ACF computerized telescope are the same when they are locked onto a celestial object. They can watch the action for hours. Unfortunately, minor bumps and moves could shift your regular scope off focus. But not so the Meade Coma free telescope.

Anticipating situations like this, Meade has equipped every one of its Meade LX200 scopes with technologies that specifically deliver uninterrupted long viewing pleasure to you. Pioneering features such as Zero Image Shift Microfocuser and Primary Mirror Lock technologies ensure that, once an image is locked onto by the 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope, your scope never loses sight of its target even if the scope is inadvertently moved slightly. Meade's intelligent technologies help you to lock the primary mirror in place, and also helps automatically corrects the focus on an image in case it detects slight movements of the scope - which are very likely when using your Coma free telescope for extended periods of viewing.

For a telescope to really stand out, it must deliver crisp, well centered and perfectly focused images every time - there is no compromising on that requirement. The 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope stands out in its use of ground-breaking optic technologies pioneered by Meade.To make your heavenly observation an experience to remember, the Meade 16" scope uses precision-driven f/10.0 ACF optics.  This unique design in the Meade LX200 series uses best-in-class reflection and refraction techniques, called Catadioptrics, to deliver tightly circular formations of planetary objects from the center to the field's edge.

 And that's not where Meade's optical technology stops. Each coma free telescope in the Meade LX200 series uses lenses coated with a specially created coating developed at the Meade Irvine coatings research facility. Known as Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC), this pioneering technology helps remove restrictions that you find in conventionally coated scope lenses by dramatically reducing light losses, and allowing the human eye to view heavenly objects as images that are more brighter, much more clearer and sharper.  This is technology paralleling that which is used on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, and now made available to you in the form of the 16" Meade LX200 ACF computerized telescope.

To make your night sky watch a near "hands free" event, the Meade LX200 series comes with an ultra-precise  original 16-channel Sony GPS receiver that is intelligent enough to input ultra-accurate coordinates for heavenly objects in the night skies, and then effortlessly align your Meade 16" LX200ACF computerized telescope to point to the specific object. Pretty neat for a 320 pound gorilla, huh?

And things get better with even more technology to help you enjoy your viewing experience. Your Meade 16" LX200ACF computerized telescope comes loaded with Meade AutoStar II, an intelligent piece of software technology that works together with the Sony GPS to effortlessly chart the night skies for you. Meade AutoStar II comprises of a flash-memory based database containing the heavenly "addresses" of over 145,000 celestial objects that are just waiting for you to explore.

But where would you start searching for one of those 100,000+ objects? Fear not, Mead AutoStar II provides you software tools to simply pick an object using Hot Key features, and stand back and enjoy the sight. Using the GPS coordinates,  your Coma free telescope will automatically position itself at the selected object so that you can view it to your heart's content. And while you are enjoying the sight, Mead AutoStar II displays vital statistics about the object on its display, heightening your viewing pleasure even more.

For your continued benefit, Meade provides frequent updates and upgrades to its celestial database as well as to the software. Download the latest  version free of cost, and allow Meade AutoStar II to take you on a guided tour of upcoming on in-progress celestial events, such as a comet passing through or a meteor shower. 

 This Telescope has an outside diameter of 17.375 inches or 443mm



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