Lunt - Kids Solar Eclipse Glasses - Pack of 4

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Made for smaller heads, the Lunt Solar Kids Solar Eclipse glasses use the same high quality, safe and ISO CE certified solar film as adult eclipse glasses. 

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes sells only trusted solar brands so you can view the Sun safely! 

Children can use eclipse glasses safely, but should only use them with supervision.  You know your child best.  Read instructions carefully and discuss solar viewing safety with your kids before looking up.  

Lunt - Kids Solar Eclipse Glasses - Pack of 4

Wear your Eclipse Shades to protect your eyes from solar radiation any time you look directly at the Sun or at the Sun's reflection. When looking at a solar eclipse, use your Eclipse Shades whenever ANY PART of the Sun, no matter how small is visible. This product should NOT be used with any other optical appliances such as cameras, telescopes or binoculars. Children should use only with adult supervision.

Experience safe solar observation with Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses, perfect for witnessing partial eclipse phases.  Before each use, inspect lenses for damage. Follow instructions: wear during direct sun exposure; never use damaged glasses. Our ISO and CE certified glasses provide 100% UV, infrared, and intense visible light protection. Enjoy a sharp orange image with premium filters. Scan the QR code for our Eclipse Viewing and Safety Guide. These glasses are NASA approved and designed for safe solar observation.

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