iOptron - HAZ71 Mount Head with Hand Controller and Case

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iOptron is excited to introduce the HAZ71 to their SWG strain wave gear mount collection! The Altaz mount of the HAZ71 is an ideal choice for users seeking a compact design with a robust payload capacity, eliminating the need for a counterweight or shaft. SWG mounts stand out as they do not rely on typical gear systems, making them less susceptible to imbalances in payload.

iOptron - HAZ71 Mount Head with Hand Controller and Case


  • iOptron HAZ71 mount is a strain wave gear harmonic based mount
  • Lightweight design without the need for counterweights and shafts
  • Ideal for users with medium range optical tube weight of 68 lbs or less, focused on wide field observing and tracking
  • Stunning 212,000 object database with Go2Nova Hand Control and built in Wifi with controller
  • Has a dual saddle that accepts both Vixen and Losmandy
  • Minimal backlash compared to worm gear mounts, resulting in better tracking accuracy
  • Quiet operation during slewing and tracking, minimizing disturbance to neighbors
  • High weight to payload ratio, making it suitable for astrophotography enthusiasts
  • Offers flexibility in mounting different equipment due to the impressive weight to payload ratio
  • Features electronic friction brake and power-down memory for automatic resume of GoTo function after unexpected power loss
  • Slick black anodized finish for an attractive appearance, CNC machinery production for stability and durability
  • Multiple control options including Windows PC, Mac, smartphone/tablet, and iOptron iMate.
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Comes with a two-year standard manufacturer warranty (90 days for battery)

Strain Wave Gear Design

iOptron is thrilled to add the HAZ71 to their SWG strain wave gear line of mounts! The HAZ71 Altaz mount is a perfect route to choose for a mount for users who want a compact design with rocksolid payload without the requirements for a counterweight or shaft since SWG mounts do not use typical gear systems and thus are not nearly as affected by an unbalance of payload. A user for instance who has a medium range optical tube weight of 68 lbs or less and wants to mostly do wide field observing and tracking, this is a perfect option since its lightweight and accuracy of tracking is unbeatable!

While high payload to weight ratio, no needs for counterweight and the overall lightweight design are the main pros, there are a number of other benefits to Strain Wave mounts (also known as Harmonic) such as the HAZ71 emphasized below.

  • Very minimal backlash - Typical mount designs using worm gears can typically suffer from backlash issues, in which worm gears must compensate for any reversal in motion and thus can result in tracking inaccuracies that can be apparent in longer exposures. While there are a number of methods to reduce this effect, Strain Wave Gear mounts are one of the best and easiest options to choose since unlike worm gear mounts, they do not suffer from this effect to the same extent.
  • Quiet operation - Strain Wave/Harmonic mounts tend to be less noisy in their slewing and tracking, thus disturbing less of the neighbors.

68 lbs Payload

Unlike regular worm gear mounts where the user is more constrained with a more strict payload capacity, and therefore limited in what they can mount, in the case of strain wave this is less likely the case due to the incredicle weight to payload ratio. For instance, since the payload limit is 68 lbs, an 11" SCT should overall be no problem to mount along with higher end imaging equipment as this still likely wouldn't exceed the limit. It is still recommended to check the individual total weight of the imaging setup configuration. The HAZ71 also has the ability to mount a binocular or telescope with its adjustable saddle design.

Realign after Power Loss - Not Anymore!

The iOptron HAZ71 includes electronic friction brake and power-down memory. Essentially this means if there is an unexpected power loss, there is no need for the user to realign as GoTo will automatically resume when power is resumed!

Benefit from Sturdy CNC Machined Design

The iOptron HAZ71 has a slick black anodized finish for an attractive appearance, but even more importantly is its robust and sturdy design, being produced with CNC machinery, which is renowned and often the preferred method of mount manufacturing due to its stability, durable and long lasting functional parts, and smooth consistency in mount designs which are crucial to verifying and confirming that the mount is functioning properly through quality control. 

Software Compatibility

The HAZ71 mount offers a couple of control options. It can be connected and controlled through a Windows PC with ASCOM/Commander, a third party INDI driver for MacOS, or through a smartphone/tablet with iOptron Commander Lite or apps like SkySafari. An iOptron iMate Control Box and other Pi device via INDI.


Includes two year standard manufacturer warranty.

More Information
Brand iOptron
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
Case Included Yes
Warranty Two year limited (90 days for battery)
Mount Load Capacity 68 lbs
Database ~212,000 objects database
Mount Head Weight 18.3 lbs
Power Requirements 0.7A(Tracking), 1.7A(GOTO)
Computerized Hand Controller Go2Nova 8409
Slew Speeds 6°/sec AZI, 3.6°/sec ALT maximum
Includes Autoguide Port Yes
Periodic Error Correction No
Battery Life Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (11.1V, 4.4AH)
Battery Requirements 100-240V AC input /12.6V DC 3A output (5.5/2.5mm DC plug)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
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