Countdown to Eclipse April 8th 2024

Get ready for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!  We have solar viewers, filters and dedicated solar telescopes in stock.  Stock levels are likely to change quickly the nearer to the event we are, place your order early and be prepared.   The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from Texas to Maine, making this one of the most visible total solar eclipses of the century.  

If you're looking for advice on what equipment you will need to image or video the upcoming eclipse, we're here to help!  Call us at 818.347.2270 or email us at [email protected].  We strongly encourage you to put your order for a dedicated solar telescope early, to ensure that you have your delivery well ahead of the event. 

Eclipse Shipping Guide

To avoid potential delays caused by package carriers or weather, it's best to order early.  We aim to ship all in stock orders placed by 1 pm Pacific the same day. 

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes sends a majority of our shipments out of the Los Angeles area. If you are in Southern California, you are in a 1-2 day zone for standard and free delivery options.  Northern California and California's bordering states are a 2-4 day zone from our store.  Midwest states west of the Mississippi can expect 4-6 day standard delivery times, and east coast customers should plan on a 6-8 day delivery time.  Please bear in mind that shipment times do not include the day that an order is shipped.  This means that a package shipped on Monday to a 2-day zone would arrive on Wednesday, for example.   Delivery times are based on business days (Monday through Friday) only.  

Customers on the east coast ordering after March 27th should choose an expedited shipping service.  

If you are traveling to another location for the eclipse deliveries can be made to your destination, but order early enough to get your gear there in time, and let hotel staff know you are expecting a shipment.  

If you are ordering from March 27th to April 2nd, be sure to choose 2 day delivery.  

Safely View the Sun with Eclipse Glasses!

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