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The Celestron Origin is a smart, all-in-one home observatory featuring the optical excellence of a 6" RASA optical tube. With an intuitive user interface developed in collaboration with Simulation Curriculum, it offers an easy way to capture and share the night sky in real-time on mobile devices or smart TVs.

Equipped with a Sony IMX178LQJ sensor and a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computer, the Origin delivers internally processed images wirelessly to your phone or tablet.  

The system also features smart technologies such as built-in dew prevention, dual cooling fans, an LED status light ring, and a LiFePO4 lithium battery providing over 6 hours of runtime.

The integrated filter drawer is ready to accept 1.25" and 2" imaging filters for high-detail images and raw image data can be downloaded for manual processing.  Designed to grow with you, Celestron has updates planned for even more advanced control. 

The Origin is portable and weighs 41.6 pounds in total, with no component exceeding 17 pounds, making it easy to transport to dark sky locations or your backyard. 

Celestron Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

The Celestron Origin Intelligent Home Observatory represents a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge technology and optical prowess, marrying a smart telescope mount with the exceptional Rowe Ackermann optical design to form an intelligent, all-in-one home observatory that redefines the capabilities of a smart telescope while providing users with an easy to use and intuitive experience. This innovative system is not only capable of capturing but also processing incredibly detailed full-color deep-sky images, placing the Origin in a league of its own.

The 6" RASA optical tube is a testament to precision in astrophotography. With ultra-fast optics boasting a focal ratio of f/2.2 and enhanced by Starbright XLT optical coatings, this advanced design is complemented by an integrated filter drawer ready to accommodate 1.25" or 2" imaging filters.

Powering the Origin's imaging system is the Sony IMX178LQJ back-illuminated full-color sensor, harmoniously integrated with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B onboard computer. This dynamic duo allows for the instant wireless transmission of internally processed images to your phone or tablet, or users can utilize the two USB-A ports on the optical tube to access raw image data for external processing. The user-friendly Origin App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a seamless experience.

Smart technologies abound in the Origin, featuring built-in dew prevention on the front lens element, individual cooling fans for optics and electronics, an LED status light ring for quick updates at a glance, and an included LiFePO4 lithium battery offering over 6 hours of runtime. The system also provides the flexibility to run on external AC power and includes a USB-A port on the mount for charging mobile devices.

Designed for both power and portability, the Origin is easily transportable to dark sky spots or your backyard, weighing a total of 41.6 pounds, with no individual component surpassing 17 pounds. Its user-friendly design makes it not only a powerful but also an accessible system, delivering ease of use and setup for enthusiasts and astronomers alike.

Celestron Origin Features

  • Celestron's patented 6" RASA optical design combines a large aperture with very fast f/2.2 optics for exceptional image brightness and clarity while reducing exposure times. 
  • The Origin captures image data and leverages AI algorithms to stack and process imaging frames in real-time.  With no processing required by the user, fully processed images are delivered to your phone or tablet wirelessly.   Based on the Sony IMX178LQJ full-color back-illuminated sensor.  
  • Leveraging Celestron's Starsense technology, the setup of the Origin is as easy as turning it on and connecting to the Origin app on your iOS or Android device.  The Origin will scan the sky, focus, and align on its own allowing you to start imaging in less than 2 minutes. 
  • The Celestron Origin App was developed in partnership with Simulation Curriculum makers of SkySafari for a simple but powerful interface that provides user-friendly and intuitive navigation and control. 
  • The Origin's view and resulting images can be shared live with multiple users making this an ideal choice for educators, outreach enthusiasts, and groups.
  • This observatory grows with you!  Utilize the built-in filter drawer for more specific captures and plug in directly to the optical tube to download raw image data to do your own processing, if you choose.  

Origin Specifications

Celestron RASA Rowe Ackermann Schmidt Optics

The Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) is known for its innovative optical design tailored specifically for astrophotography by placing the imaging sensor in front of - rather in back of - the optical tube. The RASA series telescopes are designed to provide a wide, flat field and fast focal ratios, making them ideal for capturing detailed images of deep-sky objects.

The Origin's 6" Rowe Ackermann Schmidt has a very fast focal ratio of f/2.2. This allows for shorter exposure times, making it well-suited for capturing faint deep-sky objects in a relatively short period.  The optical design aims to maintain a flat field of view, ensuring sharp focus across the entire imaging sensor. This is crucial for astrophotography, where corner-to-corner sharpness is essential. Coma is an optical aberration that can distort star shapes towards the edges of the field. RASA telescopes are designed to minimize coma, enhancing the quality of stars in the images.

Share the Universe - StarSense & Origin App

The Origin's setup process is as simple as placing the system outside, turning it on, and connecting to the Origin App.  The initialization process is based on Celestron StarSense technology, and the Origin is ready to start capturing images in less than two minutes.   By focusing and scanning the night sky, the Origin self-aligns by matching star patterns to the internal database.   Origin will notify you when it's ready to start capturing images. 

Developed in collaboration with Simulation Curriculum, makers of SkySafari, the Origin App provides an intuitive planetarium-type interface for navigating the night sky.    While in planetarium view, hold your mobile device up to the night sky and look around using the Compass mode.  The night's best objects will be highlighted in this view or you can use the Tonight's Best list to quickly access the most impressive objects like star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, and many more in view that night. 

Once you've found what you would like to view, simply tap and Origin will quickly and automatically navigate to it.  Objects are centered into the camera view with precision and the system will immediately start capturing 10-second long exposures.   The results of those images are fed to your mobile device in real-time.  You'll see objects bloom into incredible detail one exposure at a time.  

As the Origin continues to capture images, the mount will adjust to keep objects centered and the built-in dew prevention heater will adjust to temperature changes ensuring your view remains tack sharp all night long.  

Designed to be a global experience, the Origin App allows you to share access to your Origin with friends, family, classrooms, and more.  Stream the view from your device to other mobile devices or smart TV's for a shared experience.  

Grow with Origin & Future Upgrades

Designed with future upgrades in mind, Origin is backed by Celestron's support with engineers planning for potential updates to the imager, features and functionality. The Origin App will notify you of new features as Celestron rolls them out.  This includes several changes already in the pipeline including compatibility with the StarSense Autoguider, HD Pro Wedge and support for polar alignment.  

You can currently plug in directly to the optical tube via 2 USB-A ports to receive raw image data for manual processing for a finer degree of control of your final images.  This advanced option is perfect for more experienced astrophotographers.  With the new features Celestron already has planned, the Origin will soon be capable of capturing exposures of up to 10 minutes and potentially longer.  

Not Just for the Night Sky

Unlike other smart telescopes on the market, the Celestron Origin can be used as an observing telescope during the day.  The RASA fast optics excell in low light conditions for a near night-vision experience.  Manually slew to land based objects and watch wildlife or take in distant landscape details.  

An Observatory that Travels

A 6 inch optical tube and medium duty mount were selected specifically to keep the Celestron Origin portable.  Weighing just 41.6 pounds, no single component weighs more than 17 pounds.  The Origin is compact enough to fit in most cars.   Becasue it is not reliant on external WiFi networks, you also do not need to worry about an internet connection.  Travel to your favorite remote darksky spot in confidence.    Add the optional carry case for easier transport.  

Accessories For the Origin

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In The Box
  • 6" RASA Optical Tube
  • Origin single fork arm mount with internal lithium battery
  • Built in computer with cooling fans and WiFi
  • Autofocuser
  • Dew prevention system with environmental sensor, dew heater ring and dew shield.
  • Integrated filter drawer for 1.25" and 2" filters
  • Full height tripod
  • Lens cap
  • AC charger
  • 6" RASA Optical Tube
  • Origin single fork arm mount with internal lithium battery
  • Built in computer with cooling fans and WiFi
  • Autofocuser
  • Dew prevention system with environmental sensor, dew heater ring and dew shield.
  • Integrated filter drawer for 1.25" and 2" filters
  • Full height tripod
  • Lens cap
  • AC charger
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