Celestron - Nebula Filter for Celestron Origin

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The Celestron 93669 nebula filter was designed for use with the Celestron Origin Intelligent Home Observatory. 

Effectively reduces orange glow caused by urban light pollution producing a higher contrast view for capturing nebulae. 

Transmits only h-alpha, h-beta, and oxygen iii wavelengths of light, common wavelengths emitted by nebulae. 

Constructed of Schott glass with anti-reflective coatings, filter surfaces are 100% optically flat and free from defects. 

Celestron Nebula Filter for Celestron Origin

Enhance your Celestron Origin experience by incorporating the H-alpha H-beta OIII (Hα-Hβ-OIII) imaging filter for breathtaking views of nebulae. This specialized filter optimizes the transmission of specific light wavelengths emitted by nebulae—Hα at 656nm, Hβ at 486nm, and OIII at 496/501nm—while effectively blocking other wavelengths. This selective filtration ensures that undesirable light is minimized, resulting in vivid and detailed nebulae images that stand out against the dark expanse of the sky.

The filter strategically allows only the targeted wavelengths associated with emission nebulae to reach Origin's sensor, while blocking out the rest of the spectrum. This intelligent filtration significantly reduces the impact of light pollution, preserving the clarity and detail of the images. Essentially, the "bad" light is suppressed, allowing the "good" light from the emission nebulae to shine through.

Upon application of the Nebula Filter, you'll immediately observe heightened contrast in your images, particularly in light-polluted environments like your backyard. The critical wavelengths pass through with exceptional transmission, ensuring that the nebula remains brilliantly illuminated, while the background appears darker. Even in darker skies, this filter proves effective in blocking natural skyglow, contributing to improved contrast in your nebulae images. Elevate your stargazing experience and capture stunning celestial scenes with the Celestron Origin and the Nebula Filter.

Seeking Nebulae

Ideal for capturing the beauty of emission nebulae like the North America Nebula (NGC 7000), Lagoon Nebula (M8), Orion Nebula (M42), the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372), and numerous others, the Nebula Filter is designed to optimize imaging performance. Specifically tailored for the key Hα-Hβ-OIII wavelengths, this imaging filter ensures maximum light transmission, resulting in heightened contrast for emission nebulae of this nature.

With a transmission spectrum of 85% or higher at crucial wavelengths (486nm, 496nm/501nm, 656nm) and less than 0.5% transmission elsewhere, the Nebula Filter operates as a narrowband filter. By selectively allowing only these specific wavelengths to pass through, it effectively blocks much of the visible spectrum. It's important to note that this filter is not suitable for observing or imaging broadband emission objects, such as galaxies and star clusters. For optimal results with those objects, it is recommended to remove the nebula filter and reinstall Origin's clear optical window.

Filter Body and Storage

The filter boasts a meticulously crafted machined aluminum black anodized cell, featuring a knurled rim for easy gripping during installation. To minimize reflections on the glass, anti-reflection coatings have been applied. Installing the filter is a breeze – it seamlessly fits into the filter drawer located in the front lens cell of the Celestron Origin, where the optical window is typically positioned. Replacing the clear window with the filter ensures that the Origin maintains its optical performance across the entire system, without the need for any additional adapters.

For convenient storage when not in use, each filter comes with a foam-lined plastic case. This case serves to safeguard the filter or the original optical window that accompanied your Celestron Origin. It's worth noting that Celestron rigorously tests each Nebula Filter for Origin individually to verify its performance. With your filter, you'll also receive a spectral transmission graph, similar to the one depicted above, showcasing the results of the filter's test and confirming its expected performance throughout the spectrum.

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