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Vixen - Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount - (No tripod included) - DISCONTINUED

Model#: 25051

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Vixen


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the Vixen SXD Mount as a replacement.

Vixen SXP Equatorial Mount and Star Book Ten GoTo System


  • Sphinx SXP Motors for more accuracy in slewing
  • 180 teeth DEC and RA motors
  • Periodic Error Correction to resume from where left off
  • 6x20 polar axis scope
  • Star Book Ten GoTo system!

The Sphinx SXP Mount from Vixen is a newly designed equatorial mount with many new advancements. A few of these features include very accurate and smooth pulse motors from slow motion control to ease and speed up the process of aligning and slewing, very precise carbon steel machined R.A and Dec 180 teeth motors for superior and accurate tracking of celestial objects, periodic error correction so the observor can resume from their last stargazing experience, 6x20 polar axis scope for 3 minute accuracy, and of course the famous Star Book Ten GoTo system! 

Star Book Ten GoTo Vixen Mount SXP Sphinx


Vixen's Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount builds on leading edge innovations developed through decades of experience designing German Equatorial Mounts. Vixen has also added one of the most advanced and portable go to systems in conjunction with the SXP mount, the Star Book Ten Hand controller. With an high definition lcd screen, this GoTo system by Vixen Optics provides the observor with an very accurate understanding of what coordinates their telescope is pointing at or slewing to. The Star Book Ten is an advanced astronomical hand controller and is recommended for anyone interested in exploring the night sky with convenience. The color screen is a detailed star chart that acts as a navigational and GoTo guide for the mount. The weight of this Vixen GoTo system is just under a pound, and yet is packed with 270,000 celestial database! This database includes thousands of stars (including the SAO catolog), NGC/IC deep sky objects, and the Messier objects. Observor's also have the luxury of being able to register new objects with proper Dec and RA coordiantes. The Star Book Ten controller can also set tracking speeds that can also be adjusted to the user's preference and this can come when fast artificial satellites are visible.

The Sphinx SXP Mount by Vixen resumes input from the previous observing session. The motions of the Sphinx SXP mount are individually measured at Vixen's factory for accurate performance and precise periodic error correction. The periodic error, which is measured by the VPEC, is stored and recorded on nonvolatile memory modules inside the mount that retain the current information even when power is off. This is a great advantage to both the novice and experienced astrophotographers, enabling you to take impressive astrophotographs with less chance of failure or disruption. Both PEC and VPEC can also be added by the user to raise the tracking accuracy as the occasion demands. 

The Sphinx SXP Mount includes a built in 6x20 polar axis scope. It features a bubble level, illuminated reticle, and setting accuracy within 3 minutes. It works through 10 minute graduation increments and 2 day graduation increments. The adjustment range is also between E20° and W20° in 5° increments. In northern latitudes, the Vixen polar axis scope tracks the movment of Polaris until year 2025! In southern latitudes, the polar scope can track the Octantal 4 stars pattern near Sigma Octantis.

Additional Information

Name Vixen - Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount - (No tripod included) - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Vixen
Model 25051
Discountinued Yes
Bearings 15 Bearings
Computer Interface STAR BOOK TEN
Counterweight Bar 20mm Diameter; Retractable
Counterweights 1.9 kg/ 4.2 lbs ; 3.7kg/8 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 x 14 x5 inches
Motor Drive Stepping (Pulse) Motor with 300pps
Power Requirements DC 12 volts, 0/45~2.2A, 0.6~2.5A(Maximum)