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Vixen - GP2 Photo Guider Tracking Mount


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Manufactured by: Vixen


Vixen GP2 Photo Guider Tracking Mount

Vixen GP2 Photoguide Mount 35501 is an astrophotographer's best friend. Compact and light weight, the GP2 Photo Guide Mount from Vixen provides you a sturdy base to takeimage wide field pictures with a DSLR or a film SLR camera. Precise adjustment are assured using Vixen's single axle remote controller, so you can light up the image just they way you want it.



Product Series

The GP2 equatorial mount comes standard with tripod and counterweight. It is easy to use and functions well for both the visual observer and astrophotography. The declination and right-ascension functions with 144-tooth aluminum worm gears allowing accurate tracking. Motion is controlled by included control knobs for accurate slewing. The polar altitude adjustment varies from 0° to 62° in altitude. Optional single axis or dual axis motors and controllers are available as is a polar alignment telescope and setting circles.

MOUNT SPECIFICATIONS • 144 Tooth Aluminum Worm gear in RA and Dec • Full Height Tripod operating range from 25.25" to 38.75" • Includes slow motion handles for easy tracking • Mount with Tripod Weight: 26 lbs • Mount Capacity: 30 Lbs • Includes 1-8.2 lb Counterweight • Variable Tension Locks • Universal GP Plate receiver allows many telescopes to mount • Optional: Polar Finder, Setting Circles and Drive Motors

Additional Information

Name Vixen - GP2 Photo Guider Tracking Mount
Manufacturer Vixen
Model 35501