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Vixen - Focal Reducer AX103S

Model#: 37228

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Manufactured by: Vixen

Vixen - Focal Reducer AX103S


Vixen Focal Reducer AX103S


Vixen Focal Reducer AX103S 0.7X 37228 is an accessory made for the Vixen AX103S APO Max Refractor Telescope. This accessory lens reduces the focal length of your telescope by 0.7x (825mm to 578mm (f/5.6)). The Vixen Focal Reducer is made to be used in conjunction with a photo adapter and a T-Ring bayonet mount, allowing you to connect your DSLR camera directly to the telescope for astrophotography. The Vixen AX103S Focal Reducing Lens requires a wide photo adapter and appropriate T Ring for APS format cameras.

NOTE: The Vixen 37228 Focal Reducer is not for direct visual observation, as the telescope's focal length (distance to focal plane) is widely shifted from its original position.


Product Series

The Vixen' s NEW AX103S, f/8.0 Refractor features a three element objective lens, incorporating a central ED lens. This reduces chromatic aberration and yields high contrast images. The rear Field Corrector Lens, helps to deliver sharp images to the edges of the field of view.

"Precision Multi-Coating" applied to the lenses, assures high light transmission.

The built in Dual Speed Focuser enables coarse and fine focus adjustments. 

Manufactured in Japan; Dimensions: 103mm x 825mm/ 4 x 32.4 in.
Dovetail not included.


  • Objective Lens: 4 in (103mm), Precsion Multi-Coating
  • Focal Length: 825mm f/8.0
  • Resolving Power, limiting Magnitude: 1.13 arc sec., 11.8
  • Light Gathering Power: 217x
  • Adapter Thread/Visual Back: 60mm, 42mm for T-Ring / 50.8mm
  • Tube rings
  • Dual Speed Focuser
  • Tube weight: 10.1 lbs (4.6kg)

Additional Information

Name Vixen - Focal Reducer AX103S
Manufacturer Vixen
Model 37228