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Vixen - 200mm VMC200L (f/9.75) Catadioptrical Reflector Telescope - (GPD2 Mount, HAL-130 Tripod)


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Manufactured by: Vixen

Vixen - 200mm VMC200L (f/9.75) Catadioptrical Reflector Telescope - (GPD2 Mount, HAL-130 Tripod)


Vixen VMC200L Catadioptrical Reflector Telescope with GPD2 Mount


Vixen 200mm VMC200L Catadioptrical OTA

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The VMC200L Reflector Telescope is a unique 200mm, 8" catadioptric optical system. It incorporates a primary mirror and a meniscus corrector just before a secondary mirror. By doing so, light is corrected twice on the optical path. The end result is that spherical aberration and field curvature are corrected to a high degree of optical performance. The VMC200L’s primary mirror is f/2.5; the compound optical system is f/9.75. This makes the system much more compact and portable than its competition. With the optical correction placed before the secondary mirror, the VMC200L avoids the necessity of having a corrector plate and all the dewing problems associated with a closed optical tube.

The Vixen VMC200L is a telescope suitable for observation of all types of celestial objects. The VMC200L is a unique design that employs a meniscus corrector lens along with two high-precision spherical mirrors to help eliminate spherical aberration and yield a sharp image with no hint of false color. The VMC200L offers excellent performance for both visual and photographic use. The open tube design eliminates the dew problem that is common with conventional Schmidt-Cassegrain systems and its compact size makes it very easy to handle. The rack and pinion focuser accepts 2" eyepieces and accessories with an adapter.


The VMC200L Reflector features a catadioptric "Field Maksutov" type design with two spherical mirrors and a meniscus corrector element behind the secondary mirror passed twice by the light. The open tube has shorter cool down times compared to 8" SCTs. 

An additional key feature is the rack and pinion focusing that is placed behind the primary mirror. The use of this focusing system eliminates the image shift associated with most other SCT systems. This is especially important when using high power magnification or astro-photography. When focusing, the image is stable and easy to adjust. Astronomy Technology says "the f/9.75 focal ratio is noticeably faster than the typical Maksutov design ..which translates into a wider true field of view. Reaching focus is easy...Lightweight, portable, 8 inches of aperture, fast cool down, zero image shift, and reasonably priced - I guess it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too."


Vixen's GPD2 Equatorial Mount


"Vixen has been making versions of the GP mount almost since the inception of the company.The original Polaris Mount, evolved through refinements to the Great Polaris Mount and now, with further refinements, is the GPD2 Mount. As with all versions, the GPD2 incorporates the same care and precision that is evident in all Vixen products. This includes 100% inspection and testing on the drive gears of all mounts.You can rest assured that when you purchase a GPD2 mount it is going to work right out of the box. To give you added assurance when this mount is purchased through an authorized Vixen Optics dealer, your 5 year warranty is included." Clear Skies, MrStarGuy.

The GPD2 equatorial mount is the stronger and heftier of the GP mounts. With its solid steel R. A. and Declination axes and brass worm gears, this mount will hold up to years of heavy use. In order to assure accurate tracking for astrophotography, the worm gears are especially machined to a very high precision that minimizes periodic error. The GPD2 Equatorial Mount is equipped with a polar axis scope with a built in variable intensity illuminator.

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Name Vixen - 200mm VMC200L (f/9.75) Catadioptrical Reflector Telescope - (GPD2 Mount, HAL-130 Tripod)
Manufacturer Vixen
Model 99704