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Takahashi - TOA-130NS Ortho-Apochromat Refractor w/ EM-200 Temma-2 Mount and SE-L Tripod

Model#: TSS1045

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Manufactured by: Takahashi


TAKAHASHI TOA-130NS  5.1" Ortho-Apochromat Triplet Refractor w/ Temma 2 Mount and SE-L Tripod - PACKAGE
The TOA-130 is the first of Takahashi's newest optical design, the Ortho-Apochromat Triplet.   This technology employs newly designed triplet objective lens sets using special elements to produce the highest order of color correction  packaged in a short 32” tube  (lens shade retracted). Takahashi has been the acknowledged leader in ultra-premium apochromatic optics for almost three decades. The new TOA and TSA Series of triplet refractor optical systems show Takahashi's dedication to quality and development of cutting edge technologies.

The Takahashi triplet ortho-apochromatic (TOA) refractors use a newly developed lens design that uses three air-spaced lenses in three groups.  The Ortho-Apochromatic Triplet lens design incorporates an FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass element sandwiched between two crown glasses to eliminate chromatic aberration and  produce images of extremely high quality . All lens surfaces are fully multicoated with state-of-the-art antireflection materials for maximum light transmission.  With numerous internal knife-edged baffles light  "scatter" is kept to an absolute minimum producing an image with amazing contrast.    O.K., but what is an Ortho-Apochromat ?

  • Apochromatic means “free from spurious color” – a design that drastically reduces the faint violet halos of out-of-focus light that you see around the planets, the limb of the Moon, and all the bright stars in an ordinary achromatic (crown and flint glass) refractor. 
  • Orthoscopic means “visually correct,” and is most commonly is associated with an eyepiece design widely regarded as having the most accurate and aberration-free images available.

All Takahashi TOA and TSA Series triplet refractors are true apochromatic optical systems, with virtually perfect correction of spurious violet color. Their colors are highly saturated, full of contrast, and true to life.  They combine virtually non-existent levels of spurious color with equally low levels of optical distortion. Consequently, they are called “Ortho-Apochromats” to distinguish them from ordinary apochromatic scopes.  The maximum deviation from all colors coming to a focus in precisely the same plane is no more than +/- 0.01mm from the blue end of the spectrum (436nm) to the H-alpha line at 656nm. The violet halo of chromatic aberration vanishes, and the tiny residual blue halation around bright stars at high powers essentially disappears. 

The TOA-130 is perfect for  both Visual exploration and CCD or Classic astrophotography.  The f/7.7 focal ratio with a 1000mm focal length is long enough (using the optional LE-ED 2.8mm Takahashi ocular) for high magnification observations of the Moon and planets and yet will produce a 2.5° field at 20x when used with the optional Takahashi flat field  LE-50 2“ ocular.  Ample back focus, (over 200mm from the rear cell), has been designed into the system to permit the user to use a variety of CCD cameras, color filter wheels and electronic focusers or film cameras.

The TOA-130 is available in S version  (as described here) with a  traditional 2.7" rack-and-pinion focuser, and in the F version, with oversized 4" rack-and-pinion focuser (and camera angle adjuster), perfectly adapted to imaging. 

Included Items: 

  • TOA-130 Triplet Ortho Apochromat OTA with 2.7" Focuser
  • EM-200 Temma 2 Mount
  • SE-L Tripod
  • Tube Holder
  • 7X50 Finder Scope
  • 7X50 Finder Bracket
  • 7.5mm LE Ocular
  • 18mm LE Ocular
  • Takahashi 1.25" Prism Diagonal

The  EM-200 Temma-2 GEM and Extra Length Hardwood Tripod:

The EM-200 Temma 2 is an accurate, precision-built GoTo German equatorial mount that provides a stable platform for payloads of up to 40 pounds.
The modern aesthetic design of the EM-200 is highly attractive as well as beautifully functional. The RA and DEC stepper motors are fully integrated into the mounting,and the high precision design and construction provides cyclic errors lower than +/- 5 arc seconds.
The integrated polar alignment telescope has an illuminated reticule which can be dimmed to suit the user or observing conditions. In conjunction with the precision altitude and azimuth adjusters, this will typically give polar alignment accuracy within 2 minutes of arc of the celestial pole.
Included in this package are an RS232C cable, ST-4 or ST-7 cable, shaft encoders, hand controller, power cord for both 12V and 24V operation, and software.
The new style EM-200 mounts include the ability for operation on 12v or 24v and feature high speed slewing at 350x [sidereal rate] at 12v and 700x at 24v.  12V operation takes place with the use of the hand controller only. The mount will then function just like the EM-200 USD model (no GoTo functions).  However, with the use of the hand controller and your PC, you can operate with 12V or 24V (two 12V batteries connected in series). 12V will give you a slewing speed of up to 350X sidereal, and 24V will produce slew speeds of up to 700X. A PC is required to actuate the GoTo functions on this mount.   A dual-axis hand controller and power cable for 12V/220V battery connection is included.

  • Takahashi Wood Tripod Made of Luan Mahogany; 
  • Tripod Leg Length is 50.39"(1280mm);
  • Set Up Height is 44.88"(1140mm); 
  • Height to Base of Dec Assy of EM-200 Mount is 56.39"(1430mm); 
  • Used with EM-200 Mount Only
  • Genuine Shimano Clamps

 Features Recap: 

  • 130mm f/7.7 triplet Ortho APO is Takahashi's newest design.
  • Compact design sports 32" tube with lens shade retracted
  • Includes classic 2.7" focuser
  • EM-200 Temma II Mount handles a payload of up to 35 lbs.
  • GoTo control can be accomplished via your PC
  • High precision construction results in periodic error less than +/- 5 arc seconds
  • Includes built-in polar finder with adjustable illuminator.
  • Includes SE-L wooden tripod with Shimano Clamps.


Additional Information

Name Takahashi - TOA-130NS Ortho-Apochromat Refractor w/ EM-200 Temma-2 Mount and SE-L Tripod
Manufacturer Takahashi
Model TSS1045