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TeleGizmos - Standard Solar Cover for 10" & 11" SCT's on Alt-Azimuth Mounts


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Manufactured by: TeleGizmos

TeleGizmos - Standard Solar Cover for  10" & 11" SCT's on Alt-Azimuth Mounts


TeleGizmos - Standard Solar Cover  for  10" & 11" SCT's on Alt-Azimuth Mounts

  • Designed to fit 10" & 11" SCT's on Alt-Azimuth Mounts

  • TeleGizmos Solar Telescope Cover is crafted from multi-layer, polyethylene aluminized material.

  • Waterproof,  washable,  highly reflective,  puncture and tear resistant.

  • TeleGizmos Solar Telescope Cover keeps your tripod cool during the day and dry at night.

  • This cover has a 64" circumference and a height of 42".   When in doubt, measure your telescope!

The new TeleGizmos Solar Telescope Cover is made from  multi-layer, polyethylene material with a fully aluminized surface. The multi-layered material consists of a polyethylene base film covered by a reinforcing fiber. From there, a pure coat of aluminum is then applied onto the fiber poly base. For ultimate durability, a clear polyethylene top coat is then applied to protect the aluminum and finalize the multi-layer construction. It all adds up to a lightweight telescope cover that will endure years of use... Even through washing!

  • Water proof, washable, highly reflective.
  • Stops condensation build-up on scopes left outside at night.
  • Greatly reduces temperature on scopes left outside in sunlight. The radiant heat reflection properties of TeleGizmos Cover is outstanding.
  • They can be securely fastened to your scope with the built-in draw string.
  • Double lap sewn seams for strength.
  • The TeleGizmos material is unaffected by high wind.
  • Material has extreme temperature tolerance;  stays malleable in temps well below freezing and is unaffected by summer sun and heat.


Both you and your telescope will appreciate the heat reflective ability of this very efficient telescope cover. The material is as strong as several layers of tarp and was originally developed for NASA as an insulator for spacecraft. The Telegizmo telescope cover is ultra-strong and lightweight. Its construction is highly resistant to tears and punctures. Far superior to Mylar, and is one tough and durable telescope cover.

  • All TeleGizmos covers come with a one year material and craftsmanship warranty.



Additional Information

Name TeleGizmos - Standard Solar Cover for 10" & 11" SCT's on Alt-Azimuth Mounts
Manufacturer TeleGizmos
Model TG11