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Mounting Screws

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  1. Farpoint - FAR-Sight for SkyScout

    Farpoint - FAR-Sight for SkyScout

    Use your binoculars with Celestron's Sky Scout or camera! Same as the FAR-Sight Standard Mounting System but includes the SkyScout/Camera mounting screw as well as the standard binocular mounting screw.SkyScout not included ... Learn More
    Model#: FP110

  2. Farpoint - Mounting Screw, Standard

    Farpoint - Mounting Screw, Standard

    Have more than one pair of binoculars" Purchase additional FAR-Sight Binocular Mounting Screws to use multiple binoculars with a single FAR-Sight bracket. (A single standard mounting screw is included with the purchase of FAR-Sight ... Learn More
    Model#: FP101

  3. Farpoint - Mounting Screw, Barska

    Farpoint - Mounting Screw, Barska

    Special mounting screw for use only with Barska(TM) binoculars. (Caution: Will not work with most binoculars) Purchase additional mounting screws to use multiple binoculars with a single FAR-Sight bracket ... Learn More
    Model#: FP102

  4. Farpoint - Mounting Screw, T&T

    Farpoint - Mounting Screw, T&T

    This special attachment screw allows the Far-Sight base to be attached to T&T style parallelogram arms. These type of parallelogram arms do not have a 1/4"x20 screw extending up from the arm ... Learn More
    Model#: FP103

  5. Farpoint - Mounting Screw, SkyScout

    Farpoint - Mounting Screw, SkyScout

    This special thumb screw allows the Celestron SkyScout to be attached to the latest version of the FAR-Sight mount in place of a red dot finder. With this configuration, you may use your binoculars in tandem with your SkyScout ... Learn More
    Model#: FP104

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