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Starlight Xpress - SXVR-H9C One-Shot RGB Mega-Pixel Color Camera

Model#: SXVR-H9C

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Manufactured by: Starlight Xpress, LTD


Starlight Xpress Color One-Shot RGB Mega-Pixel CCD Camera


Starlight Xpress Color CCD Camera

  • Large, high resolution 'Exview' CCD chip, with 1,447,680 x 6.45uM pixels in a 9 x 6.7mm array.
  • Exceptionally low dark signal - No dark frames necessary for most deep sky objects.
  • Exceptionally effective anti-blooming with minimal effect on linearity and no lost active area.
  • Built-in very high speed USB 2.0 interface for sub-1 second downloads.
  • Exceptionally high QE over an extremely wide spectral range from near UV to deep IR.
  • Built-in autoguider interface and output - compatible with the optional dedicated external guide camera.
  • Built-in dual serial ports for accessory control - directly drive filter wheels, GOTO 'scopes etc.
  • Single USB cable control for all features - get rid of that dangerous cable tangle!
  • Only ONE computer needed to control all of the devices and functions.
  • Very low power consumption. Less than 1 amp at 12v DC.
  • Compact and lightweight - only 75mm in diameter x 70mm long - less than 300 grams load on the 'scope


We at Starlight Xpress believe that our cameras should be as user friendly as possible. This is the philosophy behind the design of the SXVR-H9 and results in a camera which needs virtually no maintenance and the minimum of effort to take top-notch astro photos. One key feature of the design is the ultra-low dark current, which means that dark frames are now totally redundant. It also means that the camera has no need of heavy cooling fins, or water cooling pipes and mess.

The rear panel of the SXVR-H9 provides multiple inputs and outputs, as shown. The autoguider output is opto-isolated and will drive any standard active-low guider input via an RJ11 'telephone' lead. The Parallel and serial socket is an 18 way latching high density connector, which provides both power and control signals for the external guide camera. It also carries two RS232 serial ports for external device control. If the serial ports are not required, the guide camera may be connected directly to this socket, otherwise a small 'port divider' box can be connected in-line and presents the two serial outputs on standard 9 pin 'D' plugs.





Additional Information

Name Starlight Xpress - SXVR-H9C One-Shot RGB Mega-Pixel Color Camera
Manufacturer Starlight Xpress, LTD
Model SXVR-H9C