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Denkmeier - 2 " Star*Sweeper for SCTs (Reducer)

Model#: STSW-2

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Manufactured by: Denkmeier Optical

Denkmeier - 2 " Star*Sweeper for SCTs (Reducer)


This is the original Patent Pending Denkmeier SCT Richfield Star*Sweeper that changed the way that binoviewers are used on SCT telescopes and many Maksutovs as well. These reducers cannot be used with Newtonians or Refractors because back focus is limited. However, SCTs can utilize these optical cells to reduce normal magnification and obtain wider fields of view. This is very important when viewing certain objects like large star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. The light from these objects is compacted into smaller areas and therefore, brightness per square arc second is increased making them much easier to see. These 1.25" or 2" Star*Sweepers thread to any Denkmeier Binoviewer nosepiece allowing focal reduction to occur with most SCTs and many Maks. When using single eyepiece, If you have a different brand of binoviewer, this cell can be threaded to a 2"/1.25" adapter that has such filter threads and focus may be possible allowing reduction. While we design these to allow focus on Denkmeier Binoviewers, some other binoviewers may also reach focus though we do not provide specific tech advise for other brands. Be aware that Denkmeier prisms are 26mm clear aperture and when using eyepieces and the Star*Sweeper, binoviewers with smaller prisms will likely vignette or "darken" at the field edges.

Never thread a focal reducer into your SCT Visual Back again. These Star*Sweepers thread into the telescope-side of slip-in type star diagonals and allow focal reduction of approximately F/6 to occur. While our Power x Switch Star diagonals accomplish this without the need the ever thread anything in or out, these Star*Sweeper cells are the next best thing and will integrate with any 1.25" or 2" star diagonal that have the necessary filter threads on the telescope-side. The 2" version Star *Sweeper cells can be threaded into a camera adapter as well for photographic use provided that the adapter has 48mm female threads. The greater the distance form the eyepieces or camera, the more extreme the focal reduction factor will be.

Additional Information

Name Denkmeier - 2 " Star*Sweeper for SCTs (Reducer)
Manufacturer Denkmeier Optical
Model STSW-2