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SBIG - STL-1001E Class 2 CCD Camera - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)

SBIG STL-1001E Class 2 CCD Camera


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the FLI ProLine KAF-1001E Grade 2 Front Illuminated Full Frame Monochrome CCD Camera as a replacement.

CCD: KAF-1001E Total Pixels: 1.0 million Array: 1024 x 1024 pixels Pixel Size: 24 microns Antiblooming: No Class: 1,2,3 Peak QE: 72% [click to see QE chart] Image Area: 24.6 mm x 24.6 mm Focal Length at 1 arcsecond per pixel: 195 inches FOV at 1 arcsecond per pixel: 0.3 x 0.3 degrees This CCD started our development of the large format Research line of cameras. The same CCD was used in our previous ST-1001E camera. However, there were some limitations on the earlier model which have been eliminated with this design. The previous model did not have a self-guiding CCD or matching 2" filter wheel due to physical constraints in the smaller ST camera body. Also, the predecessor model used the slower parallel interface. These things are now resolved with the larger Research Model camera body, 2" internal filter carousel and high speed USB electronics.

Dual Head, Triple Sensor, Self-Guiding

The best of both worlds. We have expanded the self-guiding capabilities in the Research cameras by adding the option of a remote guiding head. With the remote guiding head attached, there are two, software selectable, TC-237 CCDs available for self-guiding under any conditions in addition to the main imaging CCD. One guiding CCD is located next to the imaging CCD in our patented design, similar to the self-guiding arrangement in our ST line of cameras. The remote guiding CCD is in a small separate head that attaches to the main camera body by a short cable. There is no separate power supply or communication cable required. The remote head contains its own TE cooler and shutter. With the optional remote guiding head attached to the main camera body, self-guiding is accomplished by selecting either the internal TC-237 tracking CCD or the remote TC237 CCD using the camera control software. The benefits of this flexibility are obvious. Internal guiding eliminates the need for a guide scope and separate autoguider. It also eliminates the problem of differential deflection of the guide scope or differential motion of the primary mirror relative to the guide scope. However, some users prefer to use an external guider when imaging through dark infrared band or narrow band filters, or for RGB color imaging in regions of the sky with sparse guide stars. The remote guiding head may be used in an off-axis guiding accessory or attached to a separate guide

Internal 2" Filter Carousel

An internal 5 position 2" filter carousel is integrated into the front cover of the camera body. For color, UBVRI, or narrow band imaging simply add filters to the camera’s carousel. There is no expensive separate 2" filter wheel to purchase. The filter carousel accepts both 50mm diameter flats and 48mm threaded filter cells. The front cover of the camera is easily removed for changing filters. Since the CCD is in a separate sealed chamber, removal of the front cover to change filters does not expose the CCD to dust or air and the desiccant does not need to be recharged after replacing the cover. Extra carousels may be purchased for quick and easy transition between filter sets. A shutter mechanism is also located inside the camera body, between the filter wheel and the sealed CCD chamber. A custom LRGBC filters set is optional.

12VDC Operation

We have added an internal 12VDC regulated power supply to the camera for simplified power requirements and greater tolerance of input voltage variation. When operating in the field from a 12V battery, current drain, power cord extensions and

 Included Accesories

• STL camera body with TE cooled imaging CCD and built-in TE cooled tracking CCD

• Internal filter wheel (filters are optional)

• Custom 2" nosepiece

• Camera handles

• USB cable

• ST-L-RC Adapter plug and tracking cable

• Universal 100-240VAC power supply

• CCDOPS software

• CCDSoftV5 software

• TheSky version 5 software

• Hex wrench set

• Pelican carrying case with custom cut foam

Additional Information

Name SBIG - STL-1001E Class 2 CCD Camera - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
Model STL-1001E-C2
Discountinued Yes
Custom Stock Status Out of Stock