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Starlight Xpress - Trius SX-674 USB Hub Monochrome CCD Camera


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Place your order to join our wait list - no deposit required.

Manufactured by: Starlight Xpress, LTD


The Starlight Xpress Trius SX-674 CCD Camera is a low noise camera with a download time of 2 million pixels per second! The camera is very simple to image with, having a 3x USB 2.0 hub on its backside to connect three peripheral devices with including a filter wheel and autoguider. This reduces the interference of cords and wires when the mount is slewing and the camera taking exposures. There is also a +12v DC Jack Socket and an RJ11 Guider Port included as well. Starlight Xpress has also implemented other thermal and temperature stabilization features that keep the CCD sensor working to its best. The CCD chambers are Argon-Filled due to its low thermal conductivity, meaning the camera has a greater differential cooling delta. Moisture, condensation and dew can also be destructive when imaging, therefore Starlight Xpress has included a 7 layered fused silica window that helps prevent moisture damage and intrusion.

Please see the Trius SX-674 Combo that comes with accessories.

  • Low noise CCD camera
  • Fast 2 million pixels per second download time
  • 3x USB 2.0 Hub included in camera for peripheral devices
  • Argon-Filled for thermal stability of sensor
  • 7 layered fused silica window for moisture prevention








Additional Information

Name Starlight Xpress - Trius SX-674 USB Hub Monochrome CCD Camera
Manufacturer Starlight Xpress, LTD
Model SX-674
Manufacturer Part No SX-674
Custom Stock Status Place your order to join our wait list - no deposit required.
Antiblooming Overload margin greater than 800x
CCD Image Area 8.81mm (Horizontal) x 6.63mm (Vertical)
CCD Quality Grade 1 or better - No bad columns, no dead pixels, no more than 50 'hot' pixels (saturated in <10 seconds)
CCD Type Sony ICX674ALG (mono) EXview CCD with ultra low dark current and vertical anti-blooming
Computer Interface Built-in USB 2.0 compatible interface
Cooling Regulated set-point cooling supply with thermoelectric cooler to give a minimum CCD temperature of approximately -40C below ambient
Dark Current Less than 0.003 electrons/second @ - 10C CCD temperature
Data Format 16 bits
Full Well Capacity Greater than 20,000 e- (unbinned)
Gain 0.3 electrons per ADU
Image Download Time Typically 2 seconds at full resolution
Image Format 1940 x 1460 pixels
Pixel Size 4.54uM x 4.54uM
Power Requirements 115VAC / 240VAC @ 12VA, or 12VDC @ 900mA max
Read Noise Less than 7 electrons RMS - typically ONLY 5 electrons!
Size 75 x 70mm black anodised aluminium barrel with 42mm 'T2' thread at the CCD window end & input/output plugs at rear
Spectral Response QE max at 580nM (~77%), 50% roll-off at 360nM and 770nM