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Coronado - SOL Ranger & Clamshell Rings for SM40T - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Coronado


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the Coronado Sol Ranger Sun Finder purchased separately.

The Coronado Sol Ranger SunFinder is the easiest and most convenient method for finding the sun while using you Coronado MaxScope telescope. The Coronado Sol Ranger attaches securely to any Coronado clamshell with included screws. Coronado does not provide hardware for attaching the Coronado Sol Ranger to other mounting systems.

A pinhole on the front will allow a small, harmless, ball of light to be projected on to the opaque glass on the back when the sun is in the Coronado MaxScope's FOV. This ball can be easily seen from the back of the telescope making proper alignment a sure thing every time you set up. No more time wasted on ghost images!

Additional Information

Name Coronado - SOL Ranger & Clamshell Rings for SM40T - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Coronado
Model SOLC
Discountinued Yes