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Coronado - SolarMax 60 Ha Filter with BF30 and TMax Tuner - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Coronado


60mm aperture narrowband Ha filter with TMax tuner and 30 mm blocking filter. Maximized for telescopes under 3000mm FL<.7A bandwidth. (right angled 1.25 diagonal blocking filter)

Product Series

The SolarMax 60 can be used to adapt most telescopes under 3000mm to H-Alpha observing. Our mid-sized filter, SolarMax 60, provides greater resolution and opportunities for resolving detail at higher magnification than the SolarMax 40. By matching the SolarMax 60 with the appropriate Blocking Filter (see "FILTERS" for BF chart) and adaptor plate you can easily adapt most telescopes to H-Alpha viewing.

All SolarMax series filters are sold in sets. The front mounted SolarMax and rear blocking filter. Almost all telescopes will require an adaptor plate in order to attach the SolarMax,. The SolarMax includes a T-Max de-tuning filter. Some events on the Sun,- notably active flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), are extremely fast moving. If such features occur on the disc of the Sun, their high velocity towards the observer results in their wavelength being Doppler shifted shorter than Ha. If the velocity is high enough, this wave length could be outside the passband of the filter and the feature would not be observable. The T-Max allows the user to de-tune the SolarMax slightly to bring such phenomena into better visibility. SolarMax 60 can also be paired with a second SolarMax 60, second T-Max and an interface adaptor. This will reduce the bandwidth of the 60mm filter system to <0.5A and will greatly increase the contrast of the image. This addition is priced at $2,225.00. We recommend this configuration with the Coronado MaxScope due to the optimal design of this telescope allowing effective use of a double filter system. However, double stacking can be done on just about any telescope under 3000mm focal length. Not all SolarMax filters will match in this configuration, it is recommended that you send your filter to Coronado to have this work done. Product Specifications Aperture: 60mm F/L: Variable F/Ratio: Variable Bandwidth: <0.7Å - <0.5Å Thermal Stability: 0.005 Å/C Blocking: Full blocking >105 from EUV to far IR

Additional Information

Name Coronado - SolarMax 60 Ha Filter with BF30 and TMax Tuner - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Coronado
Model SM60_30
Discountinued Yes
Custom Stock Status Out of Stock