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Carina Software - SkyGazer 4


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Manufactured by: Carina Software

Carina Software - SkyGazer 4


Version 4
For Mac OS X and Windows

SkyGazer is an exciting introduction to the fascinating world of astronomy. It is an ideal companion for anyone first exploring the wonders of the night sky - the casual stargazer, novice astronomer, or classroom teacher.

Learn the names of the bright stars and watch the changing positions of the planets. Experience the seasonal cycle of the constellations and learn the mythology of these star groups. Find the prominent nebulae and galaxies that you can observe through a small telescope from your own backyard. Enjoy the spectacle of a meteor shower seen against the background of the Milky Way. SkyGazer is a celestial adventure for all ages.


  • Views the sky from any place on Earth or in the Solar System, over a timespan of ten thousand of years from the present.

  • Displays over 300,000 stars; and over 2200 star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

  • Shows hundreds of colorful deep sky object images generated from the 2nd-generation digitized sky survey.

  • Solar system database includes all eight major planets and their moons, plus nearly 5000 asteroids, 500 comets, and 500 spacecraft.

  • Displays realistic, close-up 3D views of the planets using NASA spacecraft imagery.

  • Uses interactive animations to demonstrate basic astronomical concepts like eclipses, the seasons, precession, and the motions of the planets.

  • Contains a colorful illustrated guide to astronomical topics such as time, coordinates, the solar system, the stars, and the constellations.

  • Prints impressive color sky charts that you can use to find your way around the sky with binoculars or a small telescope - or just your eyeballs!

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Name Carina Software - SkyGazer 4
Manufacturer Carina Software
Model SM0040