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SLIK - PRO 634CFL Tripod w/ Speed Release Locks

Model#: SL-611-634

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Manufactured by: Slik



Kenko Tokina USA's new CFL series of SLIK tripods are built from super-lightweight and strong carbon fiber. They feature Speed Release Locks (SRL) and multiple other enhancements to improve ergonomics. The CFL range encompasses small and featherweight tripods for backpacking or other activities which require mobile utility to considerably larger units for use with heavy equipment.

Speed Release Locks:
This is a proprietary locking system for quickly setting up  and packing away. The simple spring-loaded locks hold the tripod leg sections firmly in place but do not snap back, so pinched skin and bruised thumbs should become faded memories. 
8X Multi-layered Carbon Fiber: 
Carbon fiber is comprised of multiple layers which are bonded together in a high pressure, sealed furnace. The final product is 40 per cent lighter than aluminum and very stiff, making it ideal for any application where light weight, rigidity and strength is required, from Formula One cars to space craft to tripods.

SLIK's CFL series tripods integrate the new Anti-Rotational System (ARS) into the leg locks. ARS prohibits longitudinal rotation within the leg tubes, improving the speed and efficiency of the set-up and break-down process. Additionally, SLIK CFL features Multi-Angle Leg Locks, which can each be set in one of three angles in order to modify height and attitude. Settings are for maximum height, waist level or low angle. These presets also facilitate locating the tripod on uneven surfaces. 
In the SLIK CFL's bag of user-friendly tricks is the ability to separate the center column into two pieces, either for reducing weight or to simplify the process of taking low-angle pictures.
  • Speed Release Locks
  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • Super light weight
  • Anti-Rotational System
  • Multi-Angle Leg Locks



 MarkS July 14th 2014


Additional Information

Name SLIK - PRO 634CFL Tripod w/ Speed Release Locks
Manufacturer Slik
Model SL-611-634
Height 62" (158 cm)